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digiTech Web Design is the industry leading website design, development and internet marketing firm based in beautiful Austin, Texas. We specialize in world class creative web design, web development and all forms of internet marketing to grow your business. We use latest web technology and follow cutting edge design trends to ensure you have the most brilliantly designed website that can be created by human hands.

Our company was founded upon the rock solid, unshakable core values of honesty and integrity that others have come to know and rely on. It is our goal to deliver excellence in every creative project that we accept and our passion to see other businesses grow and prosper. We believe that partnering creative genius with delivering excellence helps to take our clients brand to the next level. Drop us a line and find out how can we help to grow your business!



Meet The Team

Darryl Stevens

Founder / Creative Director

Darryl is a naturally gifted creative visionary and businessman. He has the ability to see beyond the lines bring chaos to order through innovation and creativity. He is completely self taught and has mastered the fields of web design, web development, and internet marketing with a keyboard, a mouse and if you ask him he would say God. He has a passion for entrepreneurship and is captivated by the possibilities of what can be created with human hands. When he is not in the office, which is rare, you can find him working one on one with other people helping them find their true calling in life and learning how to grow as a person and step into their destiny.

Jay Cosgrove

Senior Project Manager

Jay is the master at project management. He has a keen eye for detail and the ability to juggle many responsibilities at once. Upon completing his Bachelors in Business Economics, he spent time reflecting on what he had truly learned from school. Since then, he has focused his career on project management. He naturally positions himself to organize, manage, and fulfill every project with maximum efficiency. He has a high value for communication and strives to make sure all projects are delivered as promised at the highest level of quality. When Jay is not in the office you can find him jamming out on the bass guitar or playing worship music with his wife, Danielle.

Beau Morrow

Graphic Designer / Creative Genius

Beau is our resident creative genius! After completing his Bachelors of Fine Arts in Communication Design at Texas State University, Beau dove into the ad agency world. It was there he got the foundation and business experience he needed to become a graphic design fine artist. Beau has been branding clients of all sizes, both large and small with over 100 companies branded to date.

Bill Combes

Internet Marketing Ninja

Bill was the former director of marketing for the UASRC (United Association of Storm Restoration Contractors). He has a wide variety of experiences in multiple industries dating back to 1995 when he started AnythingWeather. From 2008 through 2011, Bill helped grow gross revenues at AnythingWeather 100% per year. As a direct result, AnythingWeather was listed on the Inc. 5000 list at #910 and at #8 on the Austin’s Fastest 50 for companies with under $10M in revenue in 2011. Bill has a passion for rapidly growing companies through innovative internet marketing techniques.


Some Of Our Clients

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