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Our Mission

At DIGITECH, we believe that inside every impossible is a possible trying to get out. We are a team of creative thinkers and problem solvers dedicated to expanding the limits of what is possible by helping brands achieve their goals.

We utilize our experience working with major global brands to fuel creative innovation that delivers real results. Scroll down to find out a little bit about who makes this all happen.

Industry Thought Leaders On
  • D

    About Darryl

    Founder / SEO Prodigy

    Darryl is a naturally gifted creative visionary and businessman. He has the ability to see beyond the lines and bring chaos to order through innovation and creativity. He is completely self taught and has mastered the fields of web design, web development, and search engine optimization with a keyboard and a mouse. Darryl has been a contributor ...

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  • J

    About Jake

    VP / Creative Director

    Equal parts strategic madman and creative genius, Jake channels his relentless passion into the DIGITECH vision and mission to helping brands grow. He is a natural-born creator and problem solver and for him, that means design is a way to determine how things function, not just how they look. He loves the process of being presented with a challe...

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  • L

    About Lewis

    Fractional Digital Marketing Manager

    After countless transitions from different businesses to multiple swapping career paths, Lewis found his home when he stumbled across Pay-Per-Click advertising. His love of playing around with numbers and creating captivating digital ads is a perfect fit for the industry. His background gives him a unique insight on all types of business models ...

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  • T

    About Tim

    Fractional Digital Marketing Analyst

    Tim’s definition of fun is tweaking funnels and developing business systems until they’re perfect. His attention to detail makes him an ideal fit for any conversion rate optimization (CRO) or funnel development project. His hobbies include analyzing sports data, reading about statistical significance in poker hands, and trying to pre...

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  • A

    About Amanda

    Content Strategist

    Amanda Stevens is a content strategist who is fully invested in helping business owners build an audience and see their Google search rankings surge through the power of the written word. Through her educational background in business writing and psychology at Purdue University, Amanda learned the invaluable skills needed to understand what make...

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