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Search engine optimization isn't for everybody, but for those serious about making an impact on their organic search rankings we can help. At DIGITECH, we do SEO differently... We work with a small handful of clients building out unique, highly technical strategies for your website while crafting powerful backlinks on publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc. Magazine, hundreds of .EDU sites such as Harvard, Cambridge, and more. Our decade of tools gives us a unique advantage over production SEO agencies and allows us to truly get real client results, and if we don't think we can get you results we won't work together.

We are a purpose driven Austin SEO agency, its not about the number of clients its about tangible results.

Lets face it, SEO has a bad reputation. The industry is filled with thousands of production agencies trying to make money, only concerned with closing a deal and no concern for real client results. We decided to change that. We created a model in which we eliminated low level account managers by setting a limit to the amount of clients we take on. We will never work with more than 1 client targeting the same keywords, and we will turn down the project if we don't feel we can get you results. When you choose us as your SEO partner, you get direct access to our CMO through email, slack and text. In addition - our CMO personally manages your entire campaign. By utilizing our in house content writer with a top of class degree from Purdue, and directly managing your link building campaign across major outlets like Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Inc., we will get your brand results.
Case Study: Infinite Recovery

See real results produced by our Austin SEO Company for a drug and alcohol treatment center in Austin, Texas.

Within 4 months of working with the Austin SEO consultants at DIGITECH, Infinite Recovery went from page 6 of Google to the top of page 1 for dozens of keywords including the coveted and extremely competitive "Texas Drug Rehab" and "Austin Treatment Centers." As a design and SEO agency we were able to build the Infinite team a world class new website that was built from the ground up to maximize visibility on search. Once we had the foundation in place, we completed our advanced technical audit, created over 1000 high powered backlink's out outlets such as Forbes, Harvard, Yale, Cambridge, Stanford, USC and more. We also target long tail search keywords utilizing our Purdue content writer to capture large amounts of search volume from an intensive blog campaign. Currently, Infinite Recovery is up over 4,799 spots on Google since our campaign begin.
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Our Process

Plain and simple, we have access to tools that other Austin SEO consultants do not.

We are the only Austin SEO Company that does search engine optimization the way that we do. Most other brands are concerned with their client close rate, while we are concerned with our client success rate. We also have a very niche editorial process that allows us to publish on extremely hard to publish outlets and get you backlink's that carry heavy weight on Google. Here is a bit more about our process.
  • Agency Web Developers
  • Unique Technical Optimization
  • Massive Backlink Strategy
  • Purdue Content Writers
  • Ability To Publish On:
  • Forbes, Inc., FastCompany
  • Entrepreneur, HuffPost
  • Yale, Harvard, Stanford
Still Not Convinced: DIGITECH Case Study
They always say the proof is in the pudding, take a look at how our Austin SEO Company fares on Google.
Don't take my word for it, lets look at the hard data. We have been working as an Austin SEO Company for over 8 years and going after the most competitive keywords in our market such as "Austin Web Design" and "Texas Web Design." Click the case study to see our current ranking report.
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