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Why You Need to Look at More Than Just Affordable SEO Packages When Looking To Rank Your Business

BY Amanda Stevens - May 3, 2021

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process and strategy by which your business or company connects with its target audience online, and creates high-level visibility in the organic, natural search results. While it certainly is one of the most important things that you will need to invest in, in order to succeed in this highly digital age, you should be careful not to focus too narrowly on the price of the search engine optimization packages and be sure that they are not your only evaluation criteria.

Your SEO package is an important part of your business’s overall ranking strategy, but there is much more at stake than a simple marketing budget. You will be helping to build your brand identity and your online presence, not just search results. 

There are a lot of agencies out there that will be quick to offer rock-bottom prices on what may appear to be relatively good search engine optimization package offerings. But often, when you dig deeper, you can see why they may be able to offer such pricing in spite of a large gap between them and all competitors. 

What Can Happen If You Only Focus on Affordable SEO Packages

This is where the age-old adage comes into play “you get what you pay for”. Now, in an age where technology seems to advance at the speed of thought, there is certainly something to be said about services being made cheaper since computing power is in surplus. But there is also truth to the “too good to be true” pricing model. 

There is a difference between “affordable” and outright cheap. Affordable means that you see the price to value trade-off is acceptable, so you’re willing to spend the money to get the results you want. This is most of the businesses out there. But there are also those that cater to the “cheap” audience. Your search engine optimization needs should reflect the needs and goals of your business and not your aversion to spending money. 

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If you are only focusing on the price point of the search engine optimization packages, and not on what else the agency can do for you, you may be missing out on incredible benefits for your organization. Some agencies can offer lower pricing on their SEO packages because they are unable to demonstrate a history of success for their clients. Doing a job is one thing, doing it well enough that people recommend you is entirely different.

Before you get too hung up on the bottom line, be sure that the agency you are thinking of working with has a team of experienced agents and consultants that can create well-defined strategies for your business’s success. Speak to previous clients and see what they thought of the results that were obtained, versus what was discussed initially. Find out how they met their client’s expectations, and if they would be hired again. If not, probably best to keep shopping, since no low price is worth wasted money.

Additional Things You Need to Look for Besides Affordable SEO Packages

An affordable search engine optimization package is essential, but it should not be your only criteria for evaluating an SEO consultant or SEO agency. Every business is unique and has needs that need to be met, specific to that organization. Those needs are what your potential SEO consultants should be striving to address. 

Find an agency that doesn’t churn out jobs on the cookie-cutter model. They should show experience in identifying areas that your business needs to make progress and should be able to create a roadmap of how to get there. Your search engine optimization package will be part of that roadmap, but only a part. 

The right SEO consultant will focus on understanding your organization and will use recognized, ethical techniques to get your business ranked and growing fast. They won’t presume to know what you want but instead will work closely with you, communicating the whole way, so that you stay apprised of your evolving process.

Be sure that what they are telling you to expect in terms of results, is reasonable. No reputable consultant, firm, or agency is going to promise you a top ranking before they have a chance to fully evaluate your organization’s needs and create a strategy. Even then, they should provide you with a reasonable expectation of growth, not pie-in-the-sky promises of a number 1 spot on Google.

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Premier Affordable SEO Packages From an Expert SEO Consultant

When you are in the market for affordable search engine optimization packages from a respected SEO consultant, you can get industry-leading results, without leaving the Austin area. Not only will you have an SEO and digital marketing team that has satisfied local, national, and international clients, you will have a firm that is dedicated to providing that same service and stellar results to each and every one of their clients no matter their size. 

Having worked on both massive media-intensive marketing campaigns for large corporations as well as small, locally-owned businesses, they have become incredibly experienced and dedicated consultants that are able to offer competitive prices on well-rounded SEO packages. 

The best part is that not only will you get an amazing SEO package, but you can also discuss any number of needs with them. They can arrange for premier content creation, making sure you always keep your audience engaged and participating, and keeping the algorithms boosting your exposure and reach. 

They can also help you leverage PPC or pay-per-click advertising if you sell goods on your website or an online marketplace like Amazon. This keeps your marketing and advertising budget working for you and providing the best return on investment possible. If your brand is struggling with its brand identity online, they can even help you define and streamline your social media presence. This is one of the most popular and powerful ways to engage your audience.

Reach out today if you are ready to take your rankings, and thus, your business, to the next level.

BY Amanda Stevens