Geo-Location-291x300As search engine traffic to your website continues to be a vital player in your business, internet marketing experts much comprehend where their webpage actually ranks when end users search for their company from different physical locations to stay ahead of the curve. Being able to determine this will help today’s corporations better market to target customers based upon their specific industry and physical location. Ranking for a target keyword is one thing but now with search engines like Google, you can type in “Web Design” for example, without using any local identifiers such as “Austin” or “Texas” and the Google algorithm is smart enough to pull up the local search results only. Google is now pulling data directly from the short tail, or long tail keyword based upon location, without you even having to type in the physical location.

What Google is doing is that they actually track the IP address (Unique address assigned to your computer based upon Geographic region and internet provider) to determine where in the world you are physically located. What they then do is take your physical location and determine based upon the search phrase you are using, the best results to display based upon your location. For example, a year ago this time to find Web Design companies in Austin, TX you would have to type a keyword phrase like “Austin Web Design” or “Austin Web Design Companies” if you were to type in Web Design without typing in a local geographic identifying keyword, you would get national companies or results like wikipedia, etc.

With the advent of the GEO Ranking, you actually now need to target those nation wide keywords, both long and short tail keywords in order for your website to be displayed when someone searches without a local identifier. Another huge factor in determine the Geo Ranking of your company is what we call citations. A Citation is nothing more than a directory listing for different platforms across the web such as Yellow Pages, Yelp, Google Plus, Yahoo Listings, etc. When we do search engine optimization for Google Places (now Google+Local) one of the major things we do besides on page optimization for the Google+local page itself is to build citations on hundreds of directory listings across the internet. What Google does is that they crawl these individual directory listings and actually match those with the URL of your website and your Google Places and they sync those things together.

These are all different pieces of the puzzle that make up your GEO Ranking profile, and by doing all of the above strategies including link building with short tail “Web Design” and long tail “The Best Web Design Companies” keywords, using the slow and steady approach you can rest assured that you will master the Geo Ranking game!

God Bless!