Get Instant Results, Traffic and Conversions With Our Enhanced Google AdWords (Pay-Per-Click) Marketing.

Google AdWords is the best way to get instant, highly targeted traffic to your website from Google. Our optimized Pay-Per-Click campaigns will give you a significant advantage over the competition and prevent you from wasting money on irrelevant clicks. Google AdWords can sometimes get a bad wrap from end-users who have tried to manage their own campaigns, which always results in thousands of wasted dollars. With our managed PPC campaigns you are guaranteed to only get highly targeted, relevant clicks from your geographic region. Put Google to work for you today, for most businesses we see a higher level of conversions from Adwords vs. Organic SEO.

Proven Google AdWords Results

We have developed a brilliant, tried and true Pay-Per-Click strategy to keep you ahead of the competition while keeping your cost per click down. We will refine your PPC campaign using highly targeted geo-specific ad groups to give you the highest amount of clicks and conversions per dollar humanly possible.

Complete Conversion Tracking

Our premium plans come with high level conversion tracking including automatic rotating phone numbers that will track exactly which keyword resulted in a phone call for in depth conversion tracking. We give you insight to see exactly what search terms and ad groups resulted in a phone call or email lead and we then take that data and revise your PPC campaign and budget accordingly.

Cutting Edge Keyword Analysis

Let us use our advanced set of premium tools to find keywords that other companies may have missed. We will find the best, highly searched and even niche keywords that are relevant to your industry and optimize your Google AdWords campaign so you will appear at the top of Page 1 for the most prestigious keywords your industry.

Human Behavior Optimization

During your initial Google AdWords account creation we will do a human behavior analysis on your industry to determine search habits of potential visitors to your website. Each business model is different, and we will optimize your adwords campaign to only be active during certain hours of the day, days of the week, and increase bidding on certain device types based upon your target audience to save you money.

Negative Keyword Monitoring

This is one of the most important aspects of any Pay-Per-Click campaign. Our AdWords wizards will analyze your campaign every week to find negative keywords (irrelevant keywords that resulted in a click not related to your industry) and block those keywords from re-appearing. This can save you thousands in the long run.

In-Depth Competition Analysis

Ever wonder what keywords your competition is targeting for paid search? We know the answer! We will use our advanced toolkit to pull paid search keyword data on your competition. We will use this data to help expand your search horizon and discover hidden pockets of keyword treasure that could turn into potential conversion for your business. Let us help grow your business with our advanced AdWords strategy today!

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