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DIGITECH Recognized as Top Web Design Agency in Texas by

DIGITECH Austin Receives a Clutch Leader Award as Top Creative & Web Design Agency in Texas!  We are an award-winning agency, dedicated to helping brands create attractive and engaging digital experiences. Since 2011, our goal has been the same, but our strategies have matured and developed with time. We eat, sleep, and breathe web design, … Continued

Top 10 Web Design Trends For 2018

Web design is an industry that is constantly evolving, changing, and growing in consciousness. With 2018 expected to be the year of artificial intelligence, the release of the first mass produced electric only vehicle, and numerous other futuristic scientific breakthrough’s, the design industry is no different. Based upon our teams research, below you will find … Continued

6 keys for successful website content creation

6 Keys For Successful Website Content Creation You might know what design elements you like or what animation you want on your site, but before you get into any of that “fun” stuff, you need to conquer your content. Content is the heart of your site. A beautiful design is useless if the message isn’t … Continued

User Experience Design Fundamentals for 2017

User experience design is an ever evolving approach necessary for creating successful products. As UX evolves, so should your design process. Our team recently participated in a UX workshop in Austin, Texas led by Bretagne Abirached, UX mastermind at Razorfish. One of our core values at DIGITECH is to never stop learning, so here are the UX fundamentals … Continued

Connecting Through Social Media

Connecting through social media is a necessity. Social media as a whole is a very powerful tool that you can use to connect to your customers and increase conversions. This is especially true if your consumer base is made up of Millenials. 95% of Millenials expect brands to have a Facebook presence, and 70% of … Continued

Twitter Marketing – How to Promote Your Business on Twitter

Twitter is one of the most popular social media websites currently in existence. This microblogging website allows businesses, professionals, and consumers to connect easily with short 140 character tweets and messages. Companies can promote themselves on Twitter by connecting with their consumer base. But this isn’t always easy especially for businesses who aren’t very social … Continued

How to Create an Effective SEO Landing Page

In our previous blog, we discussed how to generate leads and sales by making sure landing pages for PPC advertisements were fully optimized. Another way to optimize and increase conversions on landing pages is to ensure that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is being used correctly on the landing pages. SEO landing pages is what we’ll … Continued

The Importance of PPC Landing Pages

When you are using PPC (Pay-Per Click) advertising on Google or any other websites, it’s often helpful for your PPC advertisement to link to a great PPC landing page that is dedicated to your audience converting. But What is a Landing Page? Landing pages are web pages that are used to generate leads and increase … Continued

How to Conduct Interviews for UX Research

Usability is a primary concern for any web design project. Aesthetics are important and content is king, but if your interface is irritating or difficult to navigate it’s game over for most users. Fortunately, usability is often very intuitive. You can go through your own navigation flows and find many bugs yourself. However, there is … Continued

4 Ways to Make Your Website Load Faster

Website loading speed is as important as ever, and many people don’t realize that when they’re creating websites. They believe that since internet connections are getting better and faster, that their website’s loading speed isn’t a major factor. But that’s not true, people want their pages loaded even faster now that they’re used to fast … Continued