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Web Design

7 Tools That Significantly Increase Website Conversion

Last Updated: 12/02/2023

Do you find yourself in any of the following categories?

  1. “I receive a lot of traffic from the search engines, but they never turn into customers”
  2. “I pay for my traffic through pay-per-click platforms such as Google Adwords, but I don’t know if it’s working”
  3. “I don’t get that much traffic, and I need to make every visitor count”

Obtaining traffic is half the battle – however, the other half – converting that traffic, is an art form in itself. After testing and trying out dozens of tools, we have came to the conclusion that there are 7 main tools that the average business owner should not do without!

#1 – 5 Second Test

The 5 second test is a powerful tool that would impress even the toughest of web conversion tool critics. It’s essentially a place where your web design can be critiqued by the general public.

Here’s how it works, you, the website owner, post a screenshot of your web design onto the website. You will also be prompted to include a question to ask the audience. When the test displays your web design screenshot in front of the user, they will be given directions on how to interact with your web design. If you choose, you can also have the user submit actual feedback about your website.

Using a tool like this completely gets rid of any guess work that you may have about your website. Furthermore, user feedback can be used to inspire new design experiments to increase website conversions.

#2 – Feng-Gui

If you are searching for immediate simulated feedback before releasing an ad to the public, feng-GUI is a tool you may want to consider. Let’s say that there’s a specific place on the webpage that gets a lot of attention. This tool will simulate the hot spots and give the tester (you), detailed heat maps on where the information may be. This tool is critical when one is attempting to increase Call to Action visibility – if there are any type of weak spots in your web design, this tool will tell you where.

While it’s still a simulation style experience (as opposed to being completely user based like 5 second test), it’s a very useful, and using this tool can be used inspire new hypothesis for your pay-per-click experiments! While nothing can replace user feedback, this tool holds its own!

#3 – Visual Website Optimizer

Visual Website Optimizer or VWO as it is called – it one of the internet’s most powerful online tools when attempting to test different theories and hypotheses. The online tool comes with software such as:

  • Testing and experimentation software
  • Visual editing capabilities
  • Analysis data
  • User feedback options
  • 24/7 support

One of the more interesting features is its mobile application campaign feature that allows a person to test user interaction in an iPhone or Android application. It also comes with pre-created campaign testing experiments to ease the process of split-experimentation.

#4 – ClickTale

Are you in the search of a software that tells you a full story of your visitor’s interaction with your website. Look no further than clicktale – they have 2 very interesting features that set them apart from many other websites:

  1. Session Playback: One of the most impressive features of Clicktale is its ability to capture every single motion your visitor performs when they visit your website. Literally, everything – you will be able to track the user’s keystrokes, mouse motion, click input and scroll. One of the most impressive features of this feature is that it does not visibly affect website performance – as it only uses a simple javascript code to get all of this detailed information.
  2. Conversion Funnels: Your website, like many others may offer multiple steps for users to sign-up for your program. Here’s the standard checkout process for most websites that offer a simple service: homepage call to action> product selection > credit card/e-mail information > payment confirmation. Using the conversion funnel feature – you will be able to discover the weak pages which may be negatively affecting your profits. The person may automatically assume that the credit card information page may be where they lose customers; however, the truth could be in the product selection page – this is where a feature like this becomes useful.

#5 – Concept Feedback

Concept feedback understands the art of website conversion extremely well. There is no better tool than user feedback. This is why large companies spend billions of dollars on customer discovery research – it essentially makes their product better. So what better way to improve your web design than to use the feedback of people who will potentially be using your website. The only drawback of using this website is that you will have to exchange time for feedback as opposed to money. In other word, you will have to submit 5 feedbacks on other web designs before you will be able to post your web design. If you do not mind helping other webmasters with their web design (which you should be), then this is a perfect opportunity – however, if you own a larger company and simply want to get started on immediate feedback, then there are other options.

#6 – UserTesting

UserTesting is one of the best website conversion tools on the internet. You will get real feedback both with video and found of the user interacting with your website. In the picture above, the user goes to Amazon reviews; however he simply wants to view the one star reviews. However, to the user’s dismay, if he clicks on the “1 star” option, the app is non-responsive! If one were to go to Amazon’s website and search the customer reviews and click on the 1 star option – they will be able to filter simply 1 star review options. By gaining feedback in small flaws of one’s platform, the company has the ability to improve customer experience.

#7 – Unbounce.Com

We’ve saved the most popular tool for last – it’s called Unbounce. Just as it’s name infers – the goal is to reduce the bounce rate of your website. Here’s the simple goal of Unbounce.com – to increase the ease and speed of learning. That’s also the key to business success – learning and implementing what works before running out of resources. Unbounce helps the everyday entrepreneur do that by offering the tools necessary to build a high quality landing page. The user of this software will also be able to connect Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, and other types of tracking software to increase understanding.


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