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Case Study

Digitech Web Design LLC

he first step when choosing an SEO company is to ask them, what are YOUR website rankings!

The proof is in the pudding, we back everything we say up with tangible results. The chart on the left is only a fraction of the keywords our agency is ranking for and we are proud to show you real results and page 1 rankings for over 33 target keywords.

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Current Rankings for digiTech Web Design as of January 2017. Any number between 1-10 is a page 1 Google Ranking. Google Icon on the left is the traditional Google search result, right icon is Google Places (Google+Local) Maps listing. Our primary target keyword is “Austin Web Design”

Case Study

av connect llc

AV Connect is a home theater installation company based in Austin, TX. When they came to us they were not ranking on Google at all. We moved forward with a Google+Local (Google Places) SEO Strategy and within 8 months they were ranking at the top of Page 1 on Google for all of their target keywords.

Target keyword for AV Connect is “Austin Home Theater Installation”

Case Study

accord roofs

This is a brilliant case study that highlights our Google penalty removal and link detox service. Accord Roofs came to us only 3 months ago and their previously Page 1 ranking website had been completely removed from Google and had received a manual and algorithmic Google penalty due to extremely low quality links that were built by their previous SEO company which is a very common occurrence in our industry.

Through a combination of manual link removal, link detox, and positive link building we have had their penalty completely removed and page 1 rankings restored within a period of only 3 months. We predict within another 3-6 months they will be on page 1 of Google for all of the remaining keywords.

Target keywords for Accord Roofs are “Edmond Roofing Company” and “OKC Roofers”

Notice the graph going from 0 in June to positive 120 rankings in 3 months showing the penalty removal.