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Lower Cost Leads
We are focused on delivering lower cost, higher quality leads by utilizing research based profiling to target only your ideal audience.
Superior Service
We only work with a handful of clients which gives us the ability to focus on our client's unique needs and deliver hands on solutions.
Robust Conversion Tracking
Understanding your cost per acquisition, not just your cost per lead allows you clearly track the return on your digital marketing dollars.


Attraction, engagement, and conversion is the name of the game. As a full service agency we offer a wide spectrum of digital marketing opportunities to get you the right leads, at the right time, and utilize marketing automation to nurture those leads into happy customers.

Many clients have tried Google Analytics on their own or internally as a team and have failed. The reason is because there are a number of dependencies that must be mastered to continuously maintain a successful Google AdWords campaign. Our team will utilize our existing knowledge of your brand, create campaign specific landing pages to maximize conversion rates and your AdWords score then build out masterful AdWords campaigns that are preciously honed to reach your target audience. Utilizing various forms of technology, we constantly monitor your Google AdWords campaign to make sure it is operating at peak performance and make frequent adjustments to the ad campaigns, keyword lists, audience segments and landing pages to ensure maximum conversion and click through rates.

  • AdWords Campaign Build
  • Masterful Keyword Research
  • Landing Page Configuration
  • Sales Funnel Configuration
  • Conversion Tracking
  • AI Based Campaign Monitoring
  • Superior Service
  • Monthly Reporting

Social media marketing is an incredible opportunity for brands to directly reach their ideal audience segments with continuous exposure to their products and services. By utilizing social media marketing, certain types of businesses are able to rapidly scale and tremendously increase conversion rates. Our SMM team will go to work for your brand creating ad campaigns, ad images and video necessary to turn your dream client into a customer for life. We use cutting edge technology to analyze demographics, buying trends, and advanced audience segments including look alike audiences to make sure your brand is getting seen by the right audience.

  • Facebook Campaign Build
  • Advanced Audience Research
  • Advanced Demographic Research
  • Visual Content Creation
  • Video Creation
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Intelligent Optimization
  • Monthly Reporting

Marketing automation is the way of the future and is already being utilized by most major brands. With a sea of different MA software to choose from it is difficult to know exactly which one is right for your business. While small to medium businesses may favor Infusionsoft or Hubspot, enterprise clients usually need a more robust platform such as Marketo. Our team will help bridge the gap between knowledge and automation and help your team put the right solution in place for your brand. We will work with the company of choice to integrate that software into your website platform and if you do not have an internal marketing team we can build our your audience segments and automate the campaigns for you.

  • Infusionsoft
  • HubSpot
  • Marketo
  • Pardot
  • Salesforce
  • Eloqua
  • Autopilot
  • Delivra

By partnering with AdRoll, we are able to offer the best platform for retargeting to our consumers while enabling them to reach the widest available audience to turn those abandoned carts and website drop off's back into conversions. Retargeting is commonly known to be one of the cheapest ways to get your brand ads back in front of potential clients and our technology uses over 500 different advertising networks from social media to Google to get you the most visibility humanly possible and turn those customers back into a conversion.

  • Retargeting Campaign Setup
  • AdRoll Partner
  • Facebook Network
  • Google Network
  • BidIQ™ AdSpend Algorithm
  • 500+ Ad Exchanges
  • Direct Access to Dan Ben-Nun
  • Monthly Campaign Reporting
Double the amount of conversions while reducing cost per lead by 65%
In this case study from one of our partner clients in the healthcare industry, we were able to double the conversion rate from digital marketing on the Google platform while reducing the cost per lead by over 65%. We also saw a 650% increase in phone calls over the same 3 month period, increasing conversions and driving new admissions to their facility.

We’re a digital marketing agency in Austin, Texas built to crush it.

We’re lean, mean and built to help our client’s achieve massive success. Our client cap of 5 allows us to work with a small number of clients while delivering impactful results. We focus on growing your brand by utilizing the right paid media strategies for your company that increase conversions, while lowering cost per lead.

Our digital marketing agency is driven by customer success, not our revenue.

What makes our digital marketing agency different is that we are driven by our client’s success and not our customer volume. Our model is simple, we stay lean and elite while only working with a handful of clients to achieve massive success. When you work with DIGITECH, our Austin, Texas based team is laser focused on helping you grow your brand.