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Link Building from Exclusive Sites
Not only will you be partnering with an award winning SEO agency, but you will also gain access to some of the most powerful outlets such as Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, and dozens of .EDU’s with publishing on sites such as Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and more.
Extraordinary Service
At DIGITECH, we limit our client volume to a maximum of 10. This means you will receive unparalleled service from our executive team, not a junior account manager like most agencies. We also offer exclusivity for our clients, never taking more that one brand per target market.
Robust Digital Solutions
When you work with DIGITECH, you get access to our turn-key agency resources. This means our team can manage all aspects of your digital presence from website design + development changes, to high quality content publication, we've got you covered.

We're not your typical SEO agency, we deliver a powerful expert SEO service that is out of reach for other SEO companies.

DIGITECH is different from other SEO agencies. While most other SEO companies are focused on profit we are focused on getting our partner clients massive success on Google. We never work with more than 10 clients at a time and never take more than one client per target market. That means that you get unparalleled service from our executive team and you are not assigned junior account managers to manage your campaign like most other SEO's. In addition, with DIGITECH you gain access to the most highly distinguished publishing sites in the world such as Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, and .EDU backlinks at over 40 of the top universities in the country. We are a fully transparent SEO company that is uniquely positioned to deliver tremendous results.
Leading Ranking Results

We have taken the time and dedication necessary to ensure our SEO method is unlike any other out there right now. With nearly a decade of research and website design and development experience, we are confident in our ability to consistently deliver optimal results to our clients every time. By consistently creating exceptional search optimized content, along with utilizing resources like high powered backlinks, our clients see transformational results to their SEO rankings in an unparalleled amount of time. Additionally, our use of optimization and the utilization of every feature on our clients website helps us to boost our clients organic SEO search rankings effectively and efficiently. Our industry-leading approach is so unique and exclusive that we can guarantee you won’t get results from any other agency like you will with ours.

Purpose Driven

We care way more about the results you get with us than meeting our bottom line or gaining exponential profit income. This is what differentiates us from the typical agency out there. Because we focus more on the results we are providing our clients, we are rigid in limiting our number of clients to 10, taking on only one client per target market as to not interfere with trying to rank competing brands. Furthermore, because we have such a high value for providing top level quality services, we can assure you that our number one priority is getting each one of our partnering brands to the top of page one with numerous competitive search terms. As our agency is fully transparent with our clients, we will ensure we only take on clients that are a good fit for our skills and expertise. If we think you would be better suited elsewhere, we will let you know. This way you can rest assured knowing that if we partner together, it’s because we are confident in our ability to provide you with optimal results.

Premium Solutions

With a client cap of 10, you can trust that we will provide you with the most customizable, individualized SEO approach to rank your website. We value paying attention to the small details in order to grow our client’s brand and as such we are dedicated to managing all aspects of our client’s website presence, whether that be ongoing website design and development or in-house content publication. Because our clients reap the benefits of receiving superb resources at a lower cost, they are given the opportunity to focus more on the things that matter to them while we oversee the rest.

We Increased Infinite Recovery’s Google Rankings over 4400 Positions in Just One Year
In just the matter of 6 short months, our SEO agency was able to take Infinite Recovery, a drug and alcohol rehab in Austin, from page 3 spot 30+ of Google rankings to the top of page 1 for over a dozen highly searched and competitive keywords like “Austin Drug Rehab” and “Austin Treatment Centers”. Since the campaign started in 2018, DIGITECH has increased Infinite Recovery’s rankings exponentially, increasing them over 4400 spots on Google with their ROI from SEO being more successful than all other forms of digital advertising.

Don’t Settle For Your Typical Houston SEO Agency –  Our Expert SEO Company Delivers Results Where Other Firms Fail.

DIGITECH is far from your typical Houston SEO agency. We call our client’s partners and we work alongside your internal team as your designated SEO expert, utilizing nearly a decade of experience to help your brand achieve their SEO goals. Through our ability to help you dominate organic search for your chosen keywords, our partner clients see a rapid increase in leads and conversions in record time. Find out how we can help grow your brand today. 

Our hyper exclusive SEO service delivers Unparalleled from our industry leading SEO Agency near Houston, Texas.

Located close to Houston, Texas, our top tier SEO agency provides clients with an exceptional level of SEO service that can be found nowhere else. With nearly a decade of SEO experience and the development of our exclusive link-building strategies, we are able to deliver results that set us apart from other SEO companies. If you are ready to take your business to the next level and dominate the top of Google search, we can help.