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The 4 Best WordPress Security Plugins and Why You Need Them

BY DIGITECH - March 11, 2015
Internet Security

How often do you pay attention to your WordPress site’s security? If you’re like most business owners, probably not enough. Instead of moving your site’s security to the bottom of the priority list, take action today by installing a security plugin that can keep you protected and remove threats.

Why You Need WordPress Security Plugins


The popularity of WordPress as a website building platform is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, the fact that millions of websites use WordPress means it’s a major target for hackers looking to exploit as many sites as they can. On the other, it means there’s an incredibly large community of users capable of developing and sharing security tools to protect against these hackers.

The good news for WordPress users is that the latter is usually more powerful than the former. However, you have to know which security plugins to use. There are plenty of choices and not every one is equal. You want a WordPress security plugin that protects you on all fronts and doesn’t blow your budget.

Top WordPress Security Plugins


 While the security plugin you choose will depend on your goals and objectives, the following are generally considered to be some of the top in the industry. It’s always better to install one now than learn the hard way down the road.

  • BulletProof Security. As one of the highest rated WordPress security plugins available (4.8 out of 5.0 stars with more than 600 reviews), BulletProof Security is recognized for being reliable and feature-rich. It’s been downloaded more than one million times and protects against code injection, SQL injection, and much more. Additionally, you get detailed reports of failed login attempts, which are useful when you want to see who is accessing your site’s admin control panel. The basic BulletProof plugin is free, with an optional upgrade.
  • All In One WordPress Security. While it lacks a cool name, don’t confuse the bland name choice for an ineffective security plugin. All In One WordPress Security has been downloaded more than 700,000 times and has a 4.9 rating. It has hundreds of individual features and is renowned for its unique security points grading system that tells you how well your site is protected at all times. This plugin is completely free and doesn’t slow down your site in the least.
  • Wordfence Security. People loveWordfence. It’s been downloaded more than 4.8 million times and boasts an incredible 4.9 rating. After installing, this plugin checks to see if your site is infected and then works to protect it from future threats. The free option should be enough for your demands, but there is also a Premium API key that offers some additional support features. Some of the top benefits include real-time blocking of attackers, an incredibly fast WordPress caching engine, two-factor sign-in authentication, and support for other popular plugins and themes.
  • Sucuri Security. Free to all WordPress users, Sucuri Security makes up for what it lacks in total downloads (around 610,000) by providing a number of powerful features. These include security activity auditing, remote malware scanning, post-hack security actions, file integrity monitoring, security notifications, and more. Sucuri Security is free with the option to pay for a website firewall add on.

Don’t Skimp on Protection


Nothing is more important than protecting your business. When it comes to your online presence, your website is your most valuable asset and you should do everything possible to invest in enhanced security features. For WordPress users, this means finding the top WordPress security plugins and installing them today.

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