Digital Strategy

Digital strategy is the doorway which we pass through to a successful project. Our digital strategy phase is a time in which we get to know your organization, your team and your unique project needs in vivid detail. We will prepare a website architecture document as a part of this process that breaks down how each and every page of your website will function. Our main objective during digital strategy is to get a complete understanding of your organization, your project needs, your websites functionality, and your design requirements. Once we have captured all of the necessary information our team will make technology recommendations that break down the technologies and languages we will use on your new website.

Sitemap Creation

Our sitemap creation phase will provide you with a 30,000 foot overview of your project, and a clear road map for creative design. Based upon the information gained during our digital strategy phase, we will work hand in hand with your team to develop the navigation structure of your new website. This will allow you to visualize where every page on your website will live, and how the user flow will function from page to page.

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UI / UX Wireframing

Our UI / UX wireframing phase is the primary component in mapping out the user experience for your new website. It can be compared to creating architectural blueprints for a home that you want to build. Our team will go through your sitemap one page at a time and create wireframes that will allow you to visualize where every element of your new website will live. We use a powerful interactive system that will allow you to click through the navigation bar and buttons in your wireframes to mimic a live website for complete control over your user experience.

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Artistic Conceptualization

For larger projects with substantial creative budgets, the sky is the limit! Our design team and animation artists can bring to life any story that you want to tell. We will determine which components of your project need artistic conceptualization and examine the message you want to communicate through this area. Our team will then sketch out concepts by hand to present to your team. Once the concepts are approved, we will render the concept digitally and bring it to life through cutting edge animation technologies. We live to create amazing things.

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Creative Web Design

After your website framework is completely mapped out during the wireframing phase, we then take those blueprints and apply our creative talent to make each page look stunning. Our creative team will start work on the homepage first, using your branding guidelines and their personal creative power to present you with two homepage concepts. The style guidelines we use on the homepage will flow throughout every sub page of the website. Once the homepage concept is revised and approved, we will then take each sub page wireframe in a logical manner and apply creative design. Once this process is complete, every page of your website will have a pixel perfect design that is ready for coding.

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Web Development

Our web development phase consists of two components, front end development and back end development. Our front end developers will translate all of your pixel perfect designs into flawless code that will be publicly visible on your website, while our back end developers will build the framework that the design will live in behind the scenes. We offer full stack development which means that our team is proficient in many different development languages, both front and back end. We store all of our clients code in a bitbucket repository that is then pushed to a staging server where you can view the work that is taking place. This is the stage where you can watch your project come to life, in real time!

Internet Marketing Strategy

One of the core values of digiTech is that our clients would be blessed and prosper long after their website is complete. During the internet marketing phase, this is our opportunity to help make that happen. During this phase, we will meet with your team and discuss the future vision of your organization, and what direction you see the company heading. We will then make recommendations based upon our years of experience in the industry on how we feel you can achieve those goals. From ranking at the top of Google using organic search engine optimization techniques, to publishing articles for your company on Forbes - we can make your vision a reality.

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QA Testing & Go Live

Quality assurance takes place throughout the entire website design and development process. Once the development phase is finished, our team will conduct a complete code audit. Our code audit will be looking for any bugs in the code of your website, and issues with user functionality. Once all bugs have been committed and fixed, we will perform our cross browser compatibility check. Our cross browser compatibility check will ensure the new site works flawlessly across all major browsers, mobile phones, and tablets. Once the final QA is done, we will push your website from the staging server to your live domain. Then we can all have a few drinks, and celebrate another brilliant creation!