Project Overview

Easton Park is a master-planned community focused on the best that Austin has to offer and is designed around “The Bench” which is their central branding component. The Easton Park red bench connotes “Communal Living.” A key component of this project is the graphic animations designed by our motion graphics artist for “The Bench” area below the navigation bar. This area features two layers, the first layer that portrays the bench with sketches representing the title of each plank, but upon hover the plank comes to life in vivid color and animation to tell the story of that plank’s title. We utilized cutting edge animation technology including Greensock SVG to make this project award winning.

Services Provided
  • Digital Strategy
  • Creative Web Design
  • UI / UX Wireframing
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • WordPress Development
  • Motion Graphics Design
  • Greensock Development
  • Search Engine Optimization