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Best Web Development Platforms For Web Application Development

Last Updated: 09/05/2023


Web applications can be hard to design, especially if you’re new to designing or programming. This means that sometimes you need an easy, simple way to develop a web or mobile app and the typical development platforms just won’t do. The classic website platforms are PHP (originally short for Personal Home Pages, and now considered short for PHP Hypertext Preprocessor), ASP.NET, and JSP. However, in the case of platforms for web apps, you have a whole set of options. We have created a list of 6 Platforms and 1 framework tool that should all help you build a web app from scratch. Even if you have very little technical knowledge or ability, with these platforms it should be easy for you to develop a web or mobile application.

The Best Web Development Platforms For Web Application Development

Como: One of the simpler mobile app platform builders available, it allows you to design a mobile app without the need to code. The platform includes a variety of components such as a social feed, RSS, notifications, and more. This will even help you submit your app to the different App stores. Some of their features include scheduling, loyalty programs, mobile commerce, tell-a-friend, collections and catalogs, as well as previews and advanced analytics.

Knack: Knack is another great web app platform. Knack focuses on little data, allowing people to build simple web apps that work with their database. It’s easy to create custom forms and data display and can be easily integrated into your website through either JavaScript or a web API. There are tons of great features that you can utilize within the platform making your life so much easier.

Kinvey: This platform is the hardest to use if you’re new to designing and/or coding. It’s quite technical, one of the most technical out of all the different cloud based app development programs. But if you’re more experienced you may find Kinvey to be the best fit as it’s also one of the most powerful and customizable app programs. Major companies have used Kinvey to develop their apps including Johnson & Johnson, possibly because of its powerful features. It’s also very secure and can power any app.

Meteor: This platform provides real-time updates by default. When your database is updated, the data in your templates is updated. Another positive of this platform is that you only need to develop with one language, simplifying the process of web development. You can build the entire database with just JavaScript. The community is supportive and the platform is friendly to novices and experienced developers alike.

Appery.io: This platform allows you to build mobile and responsive web apps quickly. It’s a cloud-based HTML5, jQuery Mobile and Hybrid Mobile App Builder, according to the company website. It’s easy for even the most novice coder and designer to use. It supports all the different mobile devices. And since it’s cloud based you don’t need to install or download a thing. It also boasts an easy drag and drop method to develop your app’s visuals.

Codiqa: If you’re a designer you’ll love this platform. It has a drag and drop interface allowing for easy and quick mobile prototype building along with a preview mode. This cloud based platform uses HTML5 to build your App. They have a demo available on the official website for anyone who wants to tryout  the drag and drop interface.

Laravel: This tool is not a platform but a PHP 5.3 framework that is simple, elegant, and well-documented. Laravel has bundles, eloquent ORM, migrations, unit-testing, and redis that simplifies the coding process for even the most demanding web apps. This tutorial clearly explains how to use Laravel to create a web application. Many platforms including Orchestra use Laravel so it’s worth taking a look.

Using Platforms to Build Beautiful Web Apps

All of these platforms can help you design a beautiful, and unique web app. Depending on your skill level in designing and coding you may find that one platform fits better than another. Designing a web app can be a difficult process, but we know all of these platforms can help you breathe a little easier when working on your web application.

At digiTech Web Design, we understand the difficulties that can come from designing for the web. That’s why we are committed to offering our clients high-quality web apps, design, and paid advertising services that are unparalleled. When it comes to designing web apps, we are committed to finding the best web platforms and frameworks for our client’s specific needs. For more information on how we can help you with your web design and web applications, please contact us today!


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