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Personalized Link Building
Gain access to top link building outlets such as Forbes, Inc. Entrepreneur and .EDU’s like Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and so much more.
Exceptional Service
We're a top tier SEO agency that delivers premium a premium SEO service to our clients. Our client cap of 10 ensures you get unparalleled service.
360 Degree Solutions
From website maintenance to in house content publication, we ensure all aspects of your web presence are covered and well managed.

We're a top tier SEO company near San Antonio, Texas that delivers an expert SEO service you won't find anywhere else.

DIGITECH’s unique and exclusive SEO techniques will give your company the premium results you are looking for with an SEO company. With our client cap of 10, we have the individualized, hands-on approach that can guarantee extraordinary results. Additionally, utilizing our editorial access to some of the most prestigious publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc. and .EDU publishers at over 40 top Universities assures the most effective and powerful effect on your rankings. Moreover, our dedication to provide fully honest, transparent service grants our clients full access to every link we have created.
Remarkable Rankings

With nearly a decade of refining our top-notch SEO approach, we have created an SEO approach unlike any other. By utilizing and optimizing all aspects of our clients web presence, we have the ability to elevate and transform our clients organic SEO search rankings in an efficient amount of time. Through our consistent and search optimized content and high powered backlinks, our clients see results that they can’t get from any other SEO company. Our unique strategy is so powerful that we can promise you that you won’t find these high-level SEO results anywhere else.

Results Centered

The SEO industry is buzzing with agencies that focus on their profits and not the results they are delivering to their clients. At DIGITECH, however, we like to take the focus away from profit gains and instead focus all of our attention on giving our clients the highest level SEO service that results in higher rankings. Because we place a high emphasis on keeping our client cap at 10 and exclusively work with only one client per target market, we can ensure that the resources we use are driven to get our clients to the top of page one. When you choose DIGITECH, you are choosing an SEO agency based on integrity. As such, we will be fully transparent with you if we think we can’t deliver top rankings for your specific market or keywords you are aiming to target. Our primary goal is to see each of our clients succeed and dominate search engines and, therefore, will do everything in our power to get your web presence ranking as quickly as possible.

Industry-Leading Solutions

With a small client cap of 10, we invest our undivided attention to the growth of each of our partner brands. Our agency resources are dedicated to overseeing and managing every detail of our clients online presence, from ongoing website design and development changes to any in-house content publication. Because our SEO clients are granted full access to our exclusive resources at a much lower cost, you can rest assured knowing that you will be well taken care of and instead focus on what you do best.

In just one year, Infinite Recovery Escalated their Google Rankings over 4400 Positions.
Within just 6 months, our SEO agency has taken drug and alcohol rehab, Infinite Recovery from page 3 spot 30+ of Google rankings to the top of page 1 for over a dozen keywords, including some of the most competitive search terms like “Austin Drug Rehab” and “Austin Treatment Centers”. Since beginning our campaign in 2018, Infinite Recovery has scaled their rankings, moving up over 4400 spots on Google with the ROI from their SEO being higher than all other forms of digital marketing.

We’re not just your standard San Antonio SEO Company- We are the Masters at Expert SEO Consulting. 

DIGITECH doesn’t perform your typical SEO consulting. We do SEO differently. By coming alongside our partner brands as a specialist in SEO consulting, we help you dominate the search domain for your chosen keywords. With our personalized, unique approach that takes on only 10 clients simultaneously, we have the ability to deep dive into your digital presence and help you achieve your optimal search engine goals. Reach out today and see why we are one of the top agencies near San Antonio.

Top Tier Talent With Our SEO Service That Provides Expert SEO Results near San Antonio, Texas.

Located near San Antonio, our exclusive Austin SEO agency offers top-notch service in search engine optimization. With nearly a decade of SEO knowledge, we guarantee to deliver the expert level SEO service and support that our clients are looking for. Our unique link-building strategy ensures that our clients gain access to high level, top domain authority editorial publications that will deliver impressive results. If you are ready to take your SEO game up to a whole new level, we will help.