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How a Social Media Content Creator Can Grow Your Business

BY Amanda Stevens - March 14, 2021
Social Media

Content creation is hardly a new field, and it is as diverse and varied as the channels it is leveraged on. It also changes and scales at the speed of technology, it has to or its creator gets left behind. In recent years this has become an incredible challenge to keep up with since technology seems to be advancing at the speed of thought. 

Every time you turn around it seems like there is another social media platform or channel starting up, should you utilize it? Pass on it? If you use it, what will your content strategy be for the users of that channel? This is where most people, even tech-savvy public relations and customer experience experts can fall short. Conversely, this is an area where a social media content creator will help you thrive.

What is a Social Media Content Creator?

In short, a social media content creator is a producer of quality media content, specifically geared toward social media consumption. This content is designed in countless ways to reach and engage with followers and wider audiences across either single or multiple social media channels.

Sometimes this content can even resemble professional-quality videography and sound mastering, as well as professional writers and creative directors. The photography and editing of the content can frequently be compared to nearly any professionally produced media.

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Not only will the social media content creator create and post the content to the appropriate channels, but they will often manage all other digital media that is needed for the execution of the marketing strategies. This can extend to images, video, blog entries, email campaigns, digital news releases, and more. Often the social media content creator will handle the creation and incorporation of any additional content related to the campaign.

Benefits of Hiring a Social Media Content Creator

There are countless ways that hiring a social media content creator can benefit your business or organization. They can help create your brand identity because your social content is the heart and soul of your brand. Once you know who you are, you know who your audience is, and your social media content creator can help you connect with them on a very real, personal, and emotional level.

Once you have your audience, properly maintaining a social media following with top-tier content keeps new traffic coming to your brand and your site. The content your social media content creator will provide, helps your audience find a need they maybe didn’t know they had, a need that your brand just might be poised perfectly to help them solve this need.

Additionally, they can help your organization stay on top of the industry and social trends, helping you to always stay current and relevant with your audience. They can put your brand ambassador or voice at the center of all your social media content.

Content That Represents What You Want Your Brand To Be

Everything in the design of your content matters, from the front to the images, the shapes, lines, and colors. It all evokes emotion and can help determine action. The visual portion of the content that your social media content creator will produce creates an impression with your audience, which can boost brand loyalty immensely. 

Content That Creates A Bond With Your Audience

Your digital presence acts as your storefront for your brand, as well as the greeter at the door. It is there to tell people about your brand, engage them, and help build a loyal social media following that also acts as brand ambassadors.

A social media content creator can create blog posts with a personal touch, that lets your audience emotionally bond with your brand. If your writing includes a sympathetic struggle, they can react strongly to this and become fiercely loyal customers, they feel like they can relate closely to the author. This content can also provide a channel to showcase what makes your brand special or different from others and let you highlight your mission.

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Quality Content Drives Traffic

This is incredibly important to realize and focus on these days, since media consumption is at never-before-seen levels, and much of this media is quickly forgotten. Quality content means more than just a page with out-of-context sections jumbled together. There should be cohesion, meaning, and direction.

Content that has been optimized for major search engines, for example, will drive more traffic to your site as it shows up as more meaningful original content than the page of results that are 99% the same thing. Keywords can be structured deftly to drive traffic organically, with content that people seek out and find engaging and useful.

Social Media Companies That Utilize Content Creators

Companies that have a heavy digital presence in the social media realm, as well as those who lack such a presence and would like to leverage social media content creators can find that they have leading digital content creators in their own backyard. Right in the Austin area companies from all over Texas, as well as the nation, can benefit from content creators that are ready to produce high-quality digital content to bring their organization or company into the 21st century. Social media utilization is one of the most important things that companies can do to effectively utilize their marketing and engagement budget. No other form of traditional marketing or advertisement can even begin to compare with the economic potential of social media.

When your company has established a social media presence that is engaging and offers a brand that your audience can identify with, almost by default you will have created a large following of brand loyalists. These brand loyalists will begin to increase the reach of your marketing by word of mouth, further building your identity as a brand that people trust and recommend. While a content creator for your social media channels may not seem important initially, it can easily be what takes your organization to the next level.

BY Amanda Stevens