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12 Ways You Can Improve Your CRO

BY DIGITECH - July 3, 2015
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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is one of the most important terms an internet marketer can know. CRO is the method of using analytics and user feedback to determine what works on your website. What works depends on what a conversion means to you and your website. A conversion could mean anything from your customers signing up for an email newsletter, purchasing a new item, creating an account, or something else entirely. In simplest form, it is a website visitor taking the action you wish them to take. It is this action that needs to be measured and optimized. In this post, we have determined some of the best ways to practice and improve effective CRO.

12 Ways You Can Improve Your CRO

1. Call to Action Button

Call-to-action buttons are critical in moving your website visitor through your website sales funnels. On your call-to-action button, tell the consumers more about what the next page will entail. What will they learn when they click the call to action button? Tell your audience the benefits of clicking the button. “Create Account” by itself is dull and doesn’t tell your audience much but adding “and Get Started” to the text 1) excites your audience 2) informs them that this is the next step to move

2. Add a Video

Short videos can be a boon to a website’s CRO. Even if your consumer doesn’t watch the video, data has proved that consumers enjoy having the option of watching a short video. These videos can be how-to videos, show the product in use, narrative slideshares, or something else – just keep them short. Consumers typically don’t like watching long videos. Data has also shown that videos that autoplay can be an annoyance, especially if they have audio.

3. Clear Headline

Headlines are very important. They’re typically one of the most noticeable things on a landing page and an unclear headline can turn away consumers. If your conversion rate is low it could be due to unclear headlines. The headline text should tell your visitors exactly what the page is about and build brand trust. As an example, change “San Diego Dentist” to “John Smith, The Top-Rated San Diego Dentist”.

4. Axe Your Form Fields

While forms are necessary and helpful, sometimes they’re too lon. The longer a form is, the more unlikely it is that a consumer will complete it. Do you need all of that information? Determine what form fields you can lose and lose them.


The word that catches everyone’s eye. If you can add the word free in a headline and/or call-to-action text you should. There’s almost a guarantee of increased conversions when you add this word to your copy.

6. Real Testimonials

If you have testimonials, make sure they’re real. Use photos with full names of customers endorsing your product, and if they’re willing add their company details and titles and more! Make it so that they’re Google-able. People will trust a real person more than a testimonial that seems fake. By fake, we mean a testimonial with one sentence and only a first name attached to it.

7. Trust Badges

Trust badges can improve your CRO. If you do well on websites like,, or others, you can attach a badge on your website. This word-of-mouth advertising allows your consumers to feel safe using your website. Another version of this would be a reputation bar. On a reputation bar you could post any clients or partners that you work with.

trust-badges8. Relevant Images

Don’t throw images onto your webpage just to have images! Make sure the images you use are relevant to what you’re talking about in the copy – the images should be clear and easy to understand.

9. Color Matters

Going back to your call-to-action button, sometimes it doesn’t stand out from the background. Some people assume that because a red call-to-action button worked in most case studies, it will work for them but it all depends on your own background color. Determine what color has the best contrast against the background and then use A/B testing to see if your conversion improves.


Make sure your phone number is in a large font and in the header of the webpage. The more accessible the phone number is, the more trustworthy and approachable your company seems.

11. Show Off!

If you have won any awards for your business you should display them. The awards speaks to the professionalism of your business and increases your company’s credibility and trustworthiness.

12. Create Urgency

Give your audience a reason to take action NOW rather than later using limited time incentives. People will often procrastinate on taking action unless they’re pressed, so a little nudge can be necessary if you want to increase your conversion rate.

Improve Your CRO

These methods of improving your CRO should help you achieve your conversion goals. CRO is a huge component of internet marketing and it would be a shame to waste an opportunity to increase your conversions and/or profit in such a simple way. To measure if these changes are working for your website, you can easily A/B testing which we have covered in a previous blog. This will help you see if the changes are working for your intended audience.

At digiTech Web Design, our clients know they can expect high-quality web design, aggressive internet marketing, and well-through through CRO strategies. For more information on how we can help you with your CRO, web design, and internet marketing needs, please contact us today!