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3 Steps to Building a Massive E-mail List

Last Updated: 06/23/2023

When marketing online, many gurus will tell you that “it’s all in the list” in terms of earning potential. Therefore, when you start building your business online – it’s critical to have an active e-mail marketing strategy so that you can develop a personal relationship with all of your customers. Why is it important to accomplish this? Many of your visitors will only visit your website once and may never return again – therefore, to heighten the chances of a prospect becoming a customer – you need to create a system that makes capturing their information easy! Here is a brief, actionable guide to get you started in building an e-mail list.

The Basics:

This is general how a basic e-mail strategy is conducted:

  1. The business owner or website manager puts an e-mail form on the website; usually there’s an incentive for signing up such as a whitepaper or excellent deal
  2. The user sees this e-mail form and the incentive – they submit their first/last name as well as their e-mail information.
  3. The user receives an automatic message from your response list asking to confirm their subscription (this step happens automatically and helps keeps you from being a spammer)
  4. You’ll be able to send the e-mail subscriber excellent deals or valuable information!

This is a great tool to develop a personal relationship with the user.

Capturing Users With Aweber:

One of the best and most time tested e-mail platforms online, Aweber gives users the options of:

  1. Creating a web form that captures the information of the visitor.
  2. Setting up that information in a large database stored on the Aweber server.
  3. Setting up e-mail subscribers to receive a pre-determined set of e-mail newsletters.
  4. Sending out a “broadcast” e-mail in which a person can type a newsletter and send it out to their entire e-mail list in an instant.

Some other great features of this online web service is that it allows you to:

  1. Schedule e-mail in advance.
  2. Track to see how many of your e-mails are being opened.
  3. Find out if users are clicking on the links to your e-mail.

It’s essentially a miracle tool if you plan on creating an e-mail list. It’s best to check out Aweber’s Set-Up Guide and start collecting e-mails!

Basic Principles of Growing Traffic
There are an unlimited amount of ways to get traffic to your website. You can do:

  • Social media marketing
  • Paid advertising
  • Joint venture partnerships
  • Search engine optimization
  • Guest Blogging
  • Content marketing

The ideas are endless; however, they all require a great deal of study and concentration – therefore, if you are running a business, you may want to outsource the online marketing aspect of your business to a firm. If you are unable to do this, then you should follow some of these principles when trying to get traffic.

Consistency – Whatever you do online, make sure that you are consistent. For example, if you want to attract traffic by writing a blog – make sure you write one blog post at the same time, every single day or week. This type of consistency will help your business reach new heights – furthermore, you will be able to manage these heights because of your manageable effort. Whether this is adding one contact a day on LinkedIn, guest blogging on one website a week, getting one high quality backlink from a website every single day – these efforts will “stack on themselves” as long as the efforts are consistent!

Develop Personal Relationships – The goal should always be to offer value and to develop personal relationships with your potential customers. Making the quick buck works at times, but it’s not the best way to establish long-term revenue; the only way to do this is to establish personal relationships with all of your readers and to go from there!

Offer Value – The initial goal is to offer value. Remember, we are trying to solve the pains and problems of our customers. That’s how we establish ourselves as experts in the niche! Therefore, by educating the customer or offering something of value to them – we automatically establish ourselves as an authority in our respective field.

Focus On One – Many people trying to build their business attempt to develop their traffic in many different ways – however – many times, it’s just best to focus on one method. Test out many in the beginning, and once you find out what’s most effective, than stick with it until you develop enough website traffic to hire someone to manage that one aspect! By using these basic fundamentals of website traffic, you can ensure your success today!

Enticing the User to Sign-Up On Your Form:

In this section, our goal is to master the art of compelling opt-in forms. Marketo uses high quality content to attract their traffic (remember, in order to GET you have to GIVE first). So in order to accomplish this – they have a great, informative blog post and at the end they have a call to action.

These are at the end of highly informative blog posts. Here’s one crazy fact: nearly EVERY Marketo blog post has a call to action at the end! This is usually an incentive to sign-up for an eBook, guide, or event. This leads to a web form which the subscriber inputs their information and becomes a long-term subscriber. Remember, offering value is important, but it’s also more important that you offer another incentive to get the visitor to subscribe to your e-mail. It’s not rocket science and anybody can perform these techniques with excellence! Just to summarize:

  1. Capture users utilizing Aweber’s service
  2. Grow traffic by using the “basic principles of online marketing”
  3. Entice users to sign- up on your form by offering value through the form of content and creating a compelling call to action at the end!
  4. Design a compelling landing page that convinces the user to submit their name and e-mail information (sometimes, even their phone number!)

By doing this consistently, you will witness your wealth grow substantially!

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