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5 Actionable SEO Tips That Will Help Any Business

BY DIGITECH - September 16, 2014
Web Design

The world of search engine optimization can be quite confusing. The problem isn’t that there’s a lot of “bad advice” – the true problem is that there’s too much GOOD advice. Many people experience “paralysis by analysis”. Therefore, to overcome the information saturation problem – we have given you 5 SEO tips that can be implemented immediately! These tips come from years of experience and research to help any business owner to bring long-term traffic to their website.


Before we get into becoming successful with search engine optimization and getting traffic to your website, it is important that you attach a blog to your website. This is not as difficult as it sounds, in fact, if you use a webhost provider like iPage, HostGator or BlueHost (among many others) – you should have the ability to create a directory for your blog. So your website should like this: Most of the tips that we have on here will be concerning your blog and how you approach the production of the content on your blog. If your current website uses one of these two services, here are some guides that will help you out.

P.S – We recommend using WordPress as it’s the most versatile content platform and gives you the greatest potential to easily attract SEO traffic!

#1 – Create “Re-Publishable” Content

SEO Moz is the ultimate destination for those attempting to learn more about how the search engines work. They are a company that’s dedicated their life to running experiments and seeing what works when it comes to search engine optimization. One of their biggest techniques is performing “re-publishable content”. The above is an example of this page. The way this works is that they find a “keyword” that they want to rank for. Then they create content in such a format in which it can be updated at least once a year. By refreshing and updating this content – they will be able to increase the amount of SEO traffic they receive on a daily basis. Google loves fresh content – and this technique works!

#2 – Test Everything

This advice may sound like generic re-hash; however, I promise you that running as many tests as possible is probably the only sure way to seeing success. While it’s hard to tell you what to test – it’s important that you have a method in how to track everything. We recommend setting up Google Analytics so that you know results. Here’s an example of an experiment: Matthew Woodward ran an experiment that tested Matt Cutt’s advice that one should simply focus on producing high quality content.

Therefore, Matthew Woodward set up a high quality blog in which he simply wrote great content on a consistent basis. The results of this experiment were astounding! Here are some of the most recent income reports:


The entire experiment can be viewed here, as well as the results. This is why it is so important to perform your OWN experiments rather than purely just taking everyone else’s word for it. By doing this, you will outlearn & outpace your competition. If you want to know of some other amazing experiments, they can be viewed here: 10 SEO Experiments That Will Change The Way You Do SEO.

#3 – Solve Legitimate Problems with Your Content & Products

If you solve the customer’s problems, the SEO will naturally take care of itself. As mentioned in the last point – the person was able to start a blog and create a wonderful income for themselves by offering valuable content. If you are able to solve a deep pain or itch in the market, then you will begin seeing a spike in traffic. Here’s an example of what we mean by solving a problem.

Let’s say that you own a shoe store. Your customers are probably regularly looking for the latest in design and fashion. Therefore if you offer things that solve their problems such as:

  • Price comparison between the two top selling sneakers
  • Creating a blog post on the latest shoes to come out on the market
  • Creating a website that makes shoe shopping easy
  • Offering deals on the hottest selling products
  • Etc.

By naturally giving your audience what they want to see, you will be increasing the chances of them linking to your website from their own, recommending your site via word of mouth, & referring others through social media – all of which can dramatically increase the amount of traffic that you get through the search engines. Furthermore, the more pages of content you have on your website, the higher the chances that someone has of discovering you! You can get great ideas on what problems your market is facing simply by asking them through e-mails, phone conversations, and social media.

#4 – Use High Quality Images

Here is what a high quality image can do for your SEO:

  1. Remember when Steve Jobs used to deliver those powerful iPhone presentations? He didn’t just tell us, he SHOWED us. By doing this, you will have more people linking to your content!
  2. Use keywords in the Alt-Tags
  3. If you are having trouble finding high quality images, and need them FAST, then you can try out: ShutterStock or Getty Images

These three tips alone should dramatically increase the amount of revenue you are seeing!

#5 – Build a Massive Network Of Relationships

The top SEO experts in the nation thrive on relationships. They realize that Google’s algorithm can change in a heartbeat and destroy ALL OF YOUR WEBSITES. Therefore, it is crucial that you begin building as many relationships as possible. In fact, if you are trying to build a business through search engine optimization, this should be the only thing you focus on.

  • Network with others at events.
  • Visit BuzzStream and try to build relationships with their link building tool.
  • Comment on the blogs of others, give legitimate feedback and appreciation.
  • Go to communities and message boards, offer in-depth advice.

By building relationships, you will have other people promoting the content that you post on the website, you will get to a certain point where the link building will take care of itself!

These are just some of the few actionable tips you can use to boost your SEO rankings!