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5 Traffic Building Tools That Every Business Owner Needs

Last Updated: 06/23/2023

Building an online business can be tough – making sure traffic gets to your website is critical if you want to increase your success. In order to get traffic to one’s website, a business owner must master (or outsource) one or more of these aspects of business:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Social Media
  • Paid Advertising
  • Content Marketing

All of these forms of traffic are very achievable for even the smallest of businesses. However, the regular business owner does not have time to manage all of these traffic sources; therefore, we have found 7 traffic building resources that every business owner needs in order to succeed today. In this post, we are going to discuss some of the best websites to build traffic. All of the tools we are going to discuss are in accordance with Google’s rules. There are other tools that spam links onto other websites – these can destroy your business and reputation. Therefore, we are going to go over some honest traffic building tools that can help you today! Hint: Some of these websites do not advertise themselves as traffic building resources – however, they actually are!

#1 – Hire Content Writers with TextBroker

Have you ever heard the term: “Content is king?”. It is especially true when you are attempting to build traffic to your website. Many website visitors are not going to be searching for your brand – they are going to be searching for answers to their problems – therefore it is critical that you have written content that can attract website traffic. Therefore, you will first want to contact your web designer to go about designing a WordPress blog, or even attaching it to your existing website.

Secondly, you can go to this website and hire a write to create unique, high quality content for your website! TextBroker has a system in which they rank their writers from 2-5 stars – 5 being the best. Most people pay for 4 star writers and get excellent content that attracts website visitors to your website & ultimately makes your business an authority!

#2 – Raven SEO Tool Suite

Raven is an easy to use traffic building tool for avid web traffic DIY’ers. This tool comes packed with everything from social media management that helps the user engage with multiple clients, campaign reports so that the big data can be organized, scheduled and delivered on a timely basis.

As we mentioned earlier, content marketing is very important – with TextBroker’s previously mentioned as a traffic building tool example – it’s only right that we point out one of Raven Suite’s coolest features; it integrates with Textbroker so that you can order content for SEO. It also allows you to optimize the content that you purchased from TextBroker to see why people may (or may not be) interested in what you are. Find out your website content’s readability scores and optimize it for search engines!

Last but not least, in order to build traffic, a client must be able to do a self-inventory of their website and find out its troubles. Raven Tools will give an actionable to-do list of what needs to be done so that you can build more traffic towards your website!

#3 – BuzzStream Link Building Tool

As mentioned on the website, BuzzStream offers two main services – the ability to build links (through relationships), and the opportunity to create PR for your brand. Both methods require consistent effort and time, however, both can bring an avalanche of traffic in due time.

This is how the “efficient outreach” feature works on BuzzStream. If you are looking for influencers who are willing to share your content, you can simply go to their website, search for their e-mail information, and send them an automatic personal e-mail that introduces yourself and requests a constent share. Eventually, by sending out a consistent amount of e-mails every single day – you will start an avalanche of people sharing your content and mass exposure.

#4 – Moz Pro Package

The folks at Moz have put together a nifty package that is beginner friendly, yet advanced enough for even the most experienced of marketers. There are two packages including the Moz Pro subscription & the Moz Local subscription, both can be used to generated a massive amount of traffic is used regularly.

The tool that users can benefit from immediately is the on-page grader as this tool will tell you exactly what is right (or wrong) with your website. This will allow you to do the right things, or hire the right people in order to build traffic to your website. Remember, building traffic is not all about sending out links – sometimes a simple website change can make a large difference!

#5 – FollowerWonk

At first glance, this website can seem very simple and limited – after all, it’s just talking about Twitter. Many people do not see Twitter as a profitable platform; however, it can be one of the largest sources of traffic. It is even easier when one uses a tool like Followerwonk which includes these impressive features:

  • Search Twitter Bios – This allows you to see exactly the status of a person’s account including their location, Twitter account age, and their overall social authority. All of this information can be used to determine whether to pursue a business relationship with that person or not. By targeting users with a large following and starting a conversation with them – you will be able to get your foot in the door with their audience. This also goes back to the content marketing, if you have highly relevant content on your website and want a person to share it – what better way than this?
  • Compare Users – This will give you the rundown on their Twitter activity – you will also know if two users follow each other.
  • Analyze Followers – By Performing an analysis on your followers, you will be able to know beneficial information such as: The most active times a day in which people are following you; their most common tweet or retweet hours; the average account ages of people that follow the account; and much more valuable information.

This is a useful tool in which one can utilize to find high value Tweeters to help build traffic to one’s website!


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