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The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Website Evaluation

BY DIGITECH - June 13, 2014
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Let’s set the scenario: there is a business owner who has a website that is not performing as well as they may want it to. Sure, the website brings in some traffic, and every now and then a website lead converts into a sale – but this is rare.

Therefore, it is essential that the business owner finds easy to use tools that can help them analyze their own website.

How Is Your Website Seen on Social Media Websites?

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, & Google+ are just some of the social media sites on the internet. Social media is becoming a critical aspect of online marketing – the business owner who develops strong relationships with the customer base is the one that’s going to excel past the competitors! Therefore, it is critical that the business owner knows exactly how their web design appears on a social media website.

When content on your website (articles, videos, or pictures) are shared on social media sites, the Know ‘Em Social Media Optimizer tool will give you data on how your shared content may appear on one of these major social media websites. No business owner should ever be without this tool! Social media is a perfect complement to search engine optimization.

Where Am I Ranked for Specific Keywords?

Social media is big these days; however, so is search engine optimization (SEO) – therefore it is critical that you know where you website stands in terms of a specific keyword. Let’s pretend that there’s a business owner who:

  • Owns a pet store in Austin, TX
  • Wants to rank for the keyword “Austin Pet Store” in major search engines likes Google, Yahoo, & Bing.

The problem is, this business owner has no idea if they can be found in the case that a Google user types in that specific keyword. Therefore, it is critical to use Moz Rank Tracker’s tool – this can give you a significant advantage in terms of knowing where you stand. If your website ranks high, then you solved half the battle! Once the user finds your website; however, how is their experience?

User Experience – Testing the Download Speeds of the Webpage

The speed in which your website loads is absolutely critical in order to have a high converting and ranking website. A business owner can have the most beautiful website known to man. If the download speeds are slow – it doesn’t matter if you have the most beautiful website in the world – users are going to click away before they ever see it! This is why it’s absolutely critical that the website load fast.

The Pingdom tool can help you find out how fast your website by performing a series of tests.

How Does My Website Look in Different Browsers?

So, we’ve found out that the website ranks well in all search engines, right? Now the problem is this: How does our websites look on different browsers? There’s browsers such as:

  • Internet explorer
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari
  • Android
  • 100’s of versions of the previous mentioned browsers.

Therefore, it is critical that your website look great on a majority of them – the previous mentioned ones are a MUST! There are millions of customers using the browsers named above. Here’s some good news – there is a tool that helps you do this called Browser Stack.

Do I have Broken Links?

Broken links are a huge disadvantage when it comes to online marketing. These alone can destroy your online marketing efforts and cause your website to seem “outdated” – therefore, it is absolutely critical to have an tool that spots broken links. You can avoid:

  • Reduced Traffic from Google penalties
  • Tarnished Credibility
  • Lost leads (visitors cannot find the information that they are looking for.)

For this reason, you will want to use the Broken Link Check tool to find out if your website is at risk for broken links.

Just Use Google Analytics

When in doubt about your website, use Google Analytics. This tool will tell you exactly:

  • Where your customers are coming from
  • What keywords they are typing to find your website
  • How much mobile traffic you are receiving
  • What keywords are converting into sales for your business
  • And more

While this aspect is not related to on-page web design – you will obtain an overall feel of where your traffic may be coming from.

HEAT CHECK! Increasing Conversions with CrazyEgg

Is Google analytics not enough for website evaluation? Are there certain links on your website being clicked, but you don’t know which? Crazy Egg will tell you exactly where people are clicking on your website. By using the Crazy Egg tools, you will be able to see:

  • Where visitors stop scrolling on your website.
  • What type of traffic is clicking where.
  • Identifying the hotspots on the webpage.
  • Track where your visitors are clicking.



This tool will give you a “Heat Map” of the hotspots on your website. By using this information, you can experiment and find out how to tweak those specific parts of your website to further increase website conversions!

In Summary

It is crucial that you perform the following:

Social Media Optimization Evaluation – How does your website look on social media sites like Google, Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn when the content on your website is shared? This is critical information to know as social media is becoming crucial to online marketing efforts!

Keyword Rank Analysis – Knowing where you rank in regards to specific keywords means a lot. Obviously the higher you rank for a specific keyword, the more likely an internet user is going to visit your website.

Speed – This is a crucial factor in determining if a user even looks at your website. If the speed of the website takes awhile to load – then you can bet the visitor leaves!

Browser – There are many different browsers with their own “quirks”, and just because a website looks good in one browser does not mean it will look good in all of them. There are tools for this!

Broken Link – This can make your website look outdated in both the eyes of the visitor and the judgment of search engines. Broken links means less potential revenue.

Traffic Source Analytics – Where is your traffic coming from? How long is the visitor staying on your website? By answering questions like these – you can ensure long term success!

On Screen Design Optimization – Why aren’t your website visitors buying? This tool helps directly with conversions!