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How Successful Will Facebook New Hashtag Be?

BY DIGITECH - June 28, 2013
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Facebook New Hashtag

Facebook New Hashtag

Unless you have been living under a rock, then it may be necessary to inform you that Facebook new hashtag function has been under operation for quite some time now. In fact, even before it was incorporated into the system as a function, it was already part of the everyday activity of its users.

But Facebook is not the first to use such function. If I remember it correctly, it was Twitter who used the hashtag function first. This allowed the Twitter, as one the social media websites, to monitor what the commonly talked about topic in the internet. In their own terminology, they will be able to rank topics in accordance to its “trend rating.” But then, internet users tend to mix and match most social media websites, and they saw it cool to place hashtags at the end of their posted status. To some, it was an unnecessary annoyance which only made their status longer and messy.

The people in the offices of Facebook saw its potential and created its function. And now, it no longer is an annoyance in most of the users’ eyes. But truly grasping the importance of its function is not yet fully understood. There are still some users who use it needlessly which is creating the stigma that nothing has changed, which is in contrast to what Facebook intended.

The Facebook New Hashtag function is primarily used in order for other users to become aware of the topics common in the internet. When the hashtag is clicked, it will redirect the individual to a page which provides an explanation regarding the subject. In addition, it posts which are related to the topic. It makes monitoring easier.

Moreover, it also allows you to interact with users across the globe with the same interests. All you have to do is to type the #keyword and replace keyword with the topic in mind. It will then reveal posts and individuals who have talked about it. It not only provides awareness of the topic, but also connects different people from all over the world with common interests. This is able to make the world even smaller.

But searching and knowing about the topic is not enough. In order to engage others in a conversation, you should like, share, or leave a smart comment. This is a way to practice the lost art of interacting with people, which was caused by the social media websites. The main point of these websites was to bring people of different ethnicity closer. In addition, it also aims in keeping friends and families in touch with each other in spite the distance; but this had its opposite effects. Maybe Facebook New hashtag function is a good first step in its return to its original course.

But importantly, we should know that the Facebook New Hashtag functions exist. If you were ignorant of its existence, it will lose its sole function and remain an unnecessary nuisance.