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How To Get Free and Simple Backlinks

BY DIGITECH - April 23, 2011
Web Design Austin

Backlinks are the key to your long term search engine optimization campaign, the more links you have to your website from other websites the higher your website will eventually rank in Google. Depending on the Page Rank (PR) of the website your backlink comes from, the higher it is ranked in Google but no matter what the PR is of the website linking to you, the more backlinks the better!

If you download and install the SEOBook Toolbar you can get a really awesome tool to completely analyze your websites SEO in one click, this plug in is only compatible with Mozilla Firefox and you can download it here We will go into further details on the SEOBook Toolbar and how to use it in our next blog post.

I found a few websites where developers have engineered scripts to automatically post backlinks to your site and submit your site to different website ranking and monitoring services.  The following site will give you over 600 free backlinks at the click of a few buttons!

Get your free backlinks Free Backlink Generator


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