GoDaddy Reviews

Thinking about hosting your website with GoDaddy? THINK AGAIN! Web Professionals agree that GoDaddy is one of the worst web hosting companies on the market. There are many reasons why we also believe that GoDaddy is the Worst Hosting Company on the market, and this article is going to highlight some practical examples of real incidents we have had with GoDaddy and their support team.

Some of the reasons why GoDaddy is the Worst Hosting Company

  • Extremely slow page load speeds
  • Overloaded servers, GoDaddy packs hundreds on customers onto single shared servers.
  • Nickeled and Dimed – Have a problem? Sure they can fix it, just pay them more and give them 150 hours.
  • Limited user interface – If you are wanting CPanel, or something user friendly, you wont get it.
  • Automatic Backups Included? Yes, for another $10 a month. GoDaddy loves to charge extra for standard services

Real life example of a recent interaction between our company and GoDaddy

ins*****: We restarted our server, they said it could take up to 30 minutes, its been 45, this is rediculous our entire site is down, 30 minutes for a restart?
Ro**** W-Server Concierge: I’m looking it up now. It’ll take a minute or two for me to find the information.

ins*****: There is a restricted file size limit on uploads for phpmyadmin.
ins*****: Also our mysql processes stopped for no reason and corrupted our website databases.
Ro**** W-Server Concierge: You can increase those limits within your php.ini file.
ins*****: Can you please increase these limits for me so we can get our website back up quickly.
Ro**** W-Server Concierge: When you purchase a non-managed server our support services are limited. If you need further assistance we offer pay-per-use additional assistance through Expert Hands or you can convert to our Managed Server Options. You can find information on our support policy for the Dedicated and Virtual Dedicated environment in the following location:
ins*****: Hostgator does not require us to pay more for standard services, what is the problem here?
Ro**** W-Server Concierge: Your php.ini file is located in here /etc/php.ini if you would like to perform this update on your own.

ins*****: I have a copy of the Database I need to restore
ins*****: For some reason we do not have root access via FTP like other hosts provide.
Ro**** W-Server Concierge: You have root access to FTP you have to configure the server to allow it.
Ro**** W-Server Concierge: You will need to create a trouble ticket and request Expert Hands if you would like to your limit increased in your php.ini file.
The agent is sending you to
Ro**** W-Server Concierge: Currently the conversation has been idle for over 2 minutes. If you wish to continue this session, please respond within the next two minutes, otherwise this session will be closed. You may restart the Live Chat session at any time within your Hosting Manager.

Those are real life transcripts folks, and it gets worse. Need we say more? Still want to go with GoDaddy?