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Google Knowledge Graph’s Impact on SEO

BY DIGITECH - September 11, 2013
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Google Graph SEO – Google Knowledge Graph’s Impact on SEO

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“Think like a human” is Google’s new motto, and it’s going to get very personal. Google’s new Knowledge Graph will be rolled today, Wednesday, and it will take us to the point where we search the giant search engine. Just like a human, Google seeks to connect and fully comprehend each searched topic.

Using its own sources and collaborating with third parties such as Wikipedia, the Knowledge Graph supplies users with a ready list of quick facts on the subject, as well as a list of categories and topics associated with the initial search. Google’s Inside Search directs first-time users to an example using the artist Vincent van Gogh,while relevant links continue to be offered as usual. The Knowledge Graph, displayed on the right-hand side, provides the subject’s “at a glance” facts. Not only is his significance, birth, death, and family listed neatly, Google also includes van Gogh’s most famous works, related figures, and even offers to search them for the user. The Knowledge Graph works to provide quick answers while simultaneously branching out to a wider, yet still relevant–and arguably equally important–range of topics.

Google will now help us think ideas rather than search terms. Search results will be displayed in a “knowledge graph”, or in other words, categories that the search terms are associated with. These categories will appear in boxes with separate results for the terms searched. The time to ditch Wikipedia has come as Google becomes the number one stop for all online search inquires. Google’s new effort to improve itself, will not effect the way the local rankings and listing are displayed, so no need to change your SEO optimization strategies if you are a local business! Google Graph SEO – Google Knowledge Graph’s Impact on SEO