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Google Page Layout Algorithm Change

BY DIGITECH - January 21, 2012
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Google Page Layout Algorithm Changes

Once again it looks like Google has made some changes to their algorithm for ranking websites in their SERP. Google has Flip-Flopped according to Website Magazine on some of their previous changes and while it looks like these particular changes will most greatly affect websites which run Google Ad-Words, these changes are important to note for all web developers and SEO professionals and I have already adjusted my website accordingly.

According to Google’s official release on the webmaster central blog, the new page layout algorithm change puts a very heavy emphasis on content that is “Above The Fold”, meaning the visible content a user will see on your website without having to scroll down. Google is stating that this particular change has been enacted to help users find accurate content after clicking a link from their SERP, without having to scroll down or search for the relevant content embedded somewhere on the website behind ads and other irrelevant information. They are stating that this entire change has been made to help the user experience.

Suggested Changes To Make

In practical application what this means for you and your website is that you want to have relevant content, in particular the main keywords you are targeting embedded in an h1 tag, with additional relevant textual content and targeted keywords in a central location above the fold of your website. Googles algorithm is now giving more weight to any content which appears Above The Fold in primary view for all visitors.

Google has stated that this change will affect less that 1 percent or 1/100 searches globally, but our view here at digITech is we want to make every optimal change to ensure the highest SEO rankings for our Austin Web Design clients.

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