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Hacker Group Anon Targeted Web Server

BY DIGITECH - September 10, 2012
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As of 9/10/2012 You may have noticed and some of their associated hosting servers to be completely down. This appears to be caused by the hacker group known as ANON, the same group who targeted other high level organizations over the past few years seeking revenge from the arrest of WikiLeaks Founder

Here is the tweet posted by ANON, which was promptly taken down by officials at twitter:

” Anonymous Own3r ?@AnonymousOwn3r
#tangodown by @AnonymousOwn3r ”


This is from the official twitter account of ANON which they explicitly state they are upset at the fact Godaddy seems to be sponsoring censorship of the internet which has caused them to take this action.

In there tweet they are reporting, Tangodown, which I have to say in dealing with Godaddy in the past as a web developer is quite funny since they can be an absolute nightmare to work with, but clients who still host their websites on Godaddy I am sure do not think this situation is funny at all.

So for now, this is what looks like


Read more about the hacker group ANON click here


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