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How To Easily Optimize Your WordPress Blog For Google

BY DIGITECH - December 20, 2011
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This is the quickest, easiest guide you will ever find for how to optimize your WordPress blog for Google brought to you by the experts over at digITech Austin Web Design. If you are reading this post then the good news is that you already have a website built on the WordPress framework, which is GREAT news for you because it makes all forms of optimization a million times easier. Google optimization is a very intricate process but the trick I am about to reveal will break down most of the On-Page speed and framework optimization aspects of Google SEO to ensure your site is ready to take over page 1 SEO Rankings.

So the first step is to go on over to our friends at GTmetrix website, and enter your website’s URL in the analyze box, and click Go! The site will then crawl your page and give you a very detailed report of everything going on with your site, with a visual and textual rating and grade to let you know exactly where you stand.

Pay close attention to any items that fall under the “High” priority category, those need to be addressed first. Before you jump off into massive code changes, try the simplest things first and then re-scan your site. Here is the trick, which most people overlook! After GTmetrix scans your site there will be a button in the top right corner that says, it looks like you have a WordPress website, click here to view our optimization guide. There I just gave you a nifty shortcut to the guide, and from my own experience the best way to learn is to dig in and start playing with it. Follow the directions directly on that guide, install the two suggested plug-in’s then re-scan your website. Now you will have an idea of what you really need to work on.



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