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Importance of Articles in SEO

BY DIGITECH - September 27, 2013
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Articles in SEO

 Importance of Articles in SEO

Articles play a very important role to promote the website high on search engines. Articles increase the content on the website and also the Keywords Density for the targeted keywords which you want to rank on.


Articles play a crucial role to rank a website high as these are written around a specific set of keywords. Once the articles are written they are submitted to various articles banks and resources. You drive traffic to your website by creating a back link to your website from the submitted articles. In this way you get the benefit of content as well as back links.


As a SEO and Wed Design Agency we feel that the major advantages of Article Submission are:

* It increases the content on the website

* Increases the Keyword Density

* As they are written around keywords you want to target it helps to rank the keywords better in the long run

* The articles can be submitted to various online resources

* A back link can be created from the resources so it serves the link building requirement as well

* Links created through Article Submission are Theme Based and Contextual

* The links stay there so you don’t have to worry about them being removed