LinkedIn released a very interesting infographic that gives some unique insight into the mind and activity of businesses and individuals activities on LinkedIn.

This new infographic shows some interesting trends among small businesses that used the worlds largest business social network, particularly interesting is the fact that over 59% of all LinkedIn members who work for small businesses claim that they have never worked for a company with over 200 employees, which seems to show an actual different in the thinking pattern of small business owners and how that they trend away from working for the “Corporation” in favor of working and an independent.

Another interesting metric is the age range of small business employees, the graphic found that the average and largest age group of small business employees is 25 years old and that over 50% of all small business employees and owners are between age 18-31, seeming to show another larger trend in America away from the large corporations in favor of small business.

View all of the stats on the awesome infographic below thanks to LinkedIn