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Insider Secrets of SEO Content Marketing

Last Updated: 06/23/2023

As you may or may not know, most likely you MAY know if you are reading this article that our amazing friends over at Google have made a ton of algorithm changes over the last year that most likely have effected your websites organic search engine rankings. From Penguin, to Hummingbird these algorithm changes have produced headaches for SEO’s worldwide. First I just want to educate my audience here why these algorithm changes are happening; Google says that they are in order to produce better and more accurate search results for their clients, but their real end-game is to make SEO extremely difficult so that companies wanting to increase their online visibility will pay to purchase google PPC (Pay-Per-Click) which is their sole largest revenue generator responsible for making the company billions of dollars per year. So they have implemented the new algorithms as a result, and on a large scale they have worked.

That being said, SEO is NOT dead, but it has evolved. In the Golden age of search engine optimization we were able to take a client’s website, optimize the textual content on the homepage using heavy keyword spam, and then build tens of thousands of backlinks on random and even spammy websites across the web and get top notch tangible results. I could get a client ranked on page 1 for a highly competitive market in 4 months almost no questions asked if you knew how to build good links, but that has all changed. Now for the insider secrets on how to actually get rankings, and also I feel as an expert in the industry that this is a very long term strategy that will not change by any future algorithm updates as Google has basically made all forms of spammy SEO null and void, the only way to get rankings now is through genuine, high quality unique relevant content marketing with link building and author links inside of the article.

So it works like this, lets say a home builder comes to me and wants to increase his organic rankings. What we do is this, first we take his current website, and completely optimize the code of the site itself for the target keywords which we determine using the Google Keyword Planner. Once the textual content on the homepage is optimized, 500+ words, a certain keyword density with h1-h3 heading tags including some of those keywords, social media integration with the Facebook open graph protocol code installed, and an optimized meta title and description, we then begin the content generation.

This is what content generation looks like. First we have a pool of extremely talented writers that write for various niches. It is good to have access to a large database of published writers in various niches so you can pull from the pool whatever type of content is necessary. When I say published writers, I mean writers who have had their previous articles published on high quality, high page rank websites in that industry. For example, in this scenario we are dealing with a home builder so we would want someone who has written for popular sites such as home and garden magazine, luxe magazine, hgtv, and such. There are thousands of more sites but you get the idea. They then begin to write unique, relevant, captivating and interesting content for those websites, submit the articles to the website owners with a handy little link back to various pages of your website with various anchor text ie: “Austin Custom Home Builder” in the link itself, and then continue this process in addition to social media marketing for 6+ months and you should see some solid results. I know, I make it sounds easy but knowing all the in’s and out’s of this process is quite complex, but at least you now know how we get results and why we are on page 1 for Austin Web Design!

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