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How to optimize website conversions using the 3 second rule

BY DIGITECH - February 21, 2014
Web Design

ConversionRate Having a beautiful, attractive website is one thing but putting your website to work for you and making an engaging, captivating, conversion producing website is a completely different animal. When you are choosing your Austin Web Design company to work with it is important to choose a firm that has a deep understanding on how to produce engaging website designs that will turn visitors into conversions, whatever that looks like for you, whether it is a product sale, an e-mail lead or a phone call, this article will show you how to actively engage your clients by using what we call the 3-5 second rule.

In my marketing class at The University of Texas, we learned one very important principal that stuck with me. And, while the vast majority of things we learn in college are fruitless in the real world, this small piece of knowledge was quite useful. They taught on scientific research that was done based upon website visitors and their conversion rates, and what they found is that if you fail to capture your potential visitors attention within the first 3-5 seconds after landing on your homepage then the drop off rates (potential conversion rate) declines over 60%. They also found that websites that provide to much content, or to many options have significantly lower conversion rates. When the visitors were polled who visited the busy websites, they found that while they did read through quite a bit of the content, they became overwhelmed and said to themselves “I need to think about this” and the majority of them left the websites and never came back to actually make a purchase. Our synopsis is that simplicity is key, with clear calls to action and a sales funnel that drives the potential website visitor to take a desired action.

What this looks like in practical application, on your website:

Here is the rule of thumb; you need to tell the website visitor who you are (your reputation) and what you can do for them in a visually attractive yet simple fashion within the first 3-5 seconds on your websites homepage, preferably above the fold (the visible area of your website, without scrolling down). Also an important side note is that more and more websites are going away from graphic sliders, which were a huge fad over the last few years. Research has shown that there is virtually no difference on conversions from websites with or without sliders. Our recommendation is to use a flat homepage, with a high end graphics design in the slider area that presents who you are and what you could do from the customer in that location, below that, present a call to action. For our company it would be something like, Get a FREE website design quote today! [Contact Us]. Something that gives the customer a clear action to take. Below that I recommend doing more rapport building, talking about your companies reputation, past projects including a visual portfolio or logo portfolio of some kind, and present options for social media engagement to build a following on social media and/or a newsletter subscribe feature to capture potential clients email addresses for future marketing campaigns. Always clearly have the phone number for your company and a contact us button easily visible, preferably in the top right area of the website navigation bar, and then again in the footer to make it easy for potential clients to get in touch. Of course this approach can vary depending upon your exact type of business, if you are selling products, etc, but this gives you an overall idea of how to quickly engage clients.

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