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How To Setup a Facebook App ID for Facebook OpenGraph Usage

BY DIGITECH - January 18, 2012
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How To Setup a Facebook App ID

I am going to walk you through how to setup a Facebook App ID for use with the Facebook OpenGraph protocol and WordPress plugin’s such as Facebook AWD. The process is really very simple, first go to the Facebook Developers page and click the apps tab at the top of the page. This takes you into your Facebook apps area if you are logged in. To setup a new Facebook App click the gray Create New App button on the top right and type in a display name, which can be anything I usually use the name of the website I am working on, then type a namespace name which is basically how your app would appear in the directory, but for all intensive purposes doesn’t matter, just put something in there with no special characters or spaces.

Then select the I agree to the Facebook platform policies and click continue. Enter the Captcha if it asks for a security code and submit. You then get taken to the main app dashboard, and all you have to do now is type the domain of your website in the App Domain field, ie: then click the website check box below. You will be prompted to enter the site URL which will be the full URL of your website ie: then click save. If you entered everything right you will receive a Success message, and be given your App ID. You have now successfully created a Facebook app!

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