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SoLoMo: Term Internet Marketer needs to know about in 2013

BY DIGITECH - September 2, 2013
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Internet marketing is a field where “buzz words” run wild, and often used to impress a client, boss, or fellow employee with a newly discovered vocabulary relevant to the industry.

Whether you dabble in Internet Marketing or traditional, you need to know about SoLoMo. But what the heck is SoLoMo (So-Low -Moe)? SoLoMo stands for Social-Local-Mobile, which are the various forms of internet marketing that have been fusing within the last few months, and will see increased buzz this year. Each holds an importance for brands and deserves the utmost attention. We are going to take a deeper look at each one and some of the tools/services that are musts in order to crush a SoLoMo campaign.

1) Social Media
– Having a social media presence is no secret, but you would be surprised as to how many companies do not have one. Why is it important? Name another form of marketing where you can access your current and potential clientele in seconds. Social media allows you to potentially reach thousands of people in seconds. SECONDS!

There are certain methods in attracting new business, and not everyone with a social media profile is an expert. In fact, the majority of business profiles across many networks are going about it all wrong. It’s not all about self promotion, in fact you need to drop that mind set before continuing. People are the best BS detectors and can sniff out your spammy tactics a mile away, pushing you even further away from your customers. As with the other forms of marketing, if you aren’t sure about how to go about it, give us a shout and we’ll help you grow.

2) Local Marketing
– Local Marketing is one of the first methods of advertising that has implemented the social aspect. It rules searches. Google, Bing, and Yahoo! have all dedicated areas of their platforms specifically to this local approach. If, you’re not familiar with local marketing, it’s time for a crash course.

It’s a simple concept that allows you to list the location of your business which displays on a map, as well as provide content detailing what your business offers. These local platforms also allow for users to provide reviews, give tips, and upload photos and videos. The Social End It is important to have a strong presence on various databases and sites that offer Local listings, not only to engage your customers, but also to help your business rank higher within searches that are performed within a certain geographic region. Here is more information on local marketing.

3) Mobile
– The advent and mass appeal of the smart phone, and other mobile devices, provides the keystone to the SoLoMo marketing strategy. With over 1/3 of the adult population in possession of these hand held computers, it was only a matter of time before they became pivotal for business to focus strategies on. Again though, many are not taking advantage of the marketing potential of these devices despite people having access to a company at their fingertips. Literally.

While all three offer phenomenal marketing opportunities in their own right, the combination of them can provide massive growth for a company. That is of course if they are done correctly.

Many services have taken advantage of the trifecta, and have been incredibly successful in helping expand a company’s message. Below are three, of the many that are at the top of the game:
1. Google Local – This one is a no brainer. Get your company listed on Google Local ASAP. Why? Well for one, Google is the largest search engine in the world and accounts for anywhere between 60 -70% market share at any given time. They are the 800-lb gorilla in the room. Oh and did I mention local listings are displayed atop the search results. There is a catch though, you don’t just rank because your company is awesome. Your listing needs to be optimized. How to optimize your listing is better left for another post, but take our word for it…it is important.

2. Foursquare – Being a location based social network, Foursquare allows users to “check-in” to wherever they may be. This gives your users a lot of control over how your brand is portrayed. The conversation is going on with or without you, so registering your business, and taking part in the conversation is a necessity. If that isn’t reason enough to join the Foursquare revolution, realize that there are over 10 million actives users on the network, checking in over 3 million times per day at various locations.

3. Yelp – If you want to build exposure, list your business on Yelp. Another location based network, Yelp allows its community of users to discuss, rate, and review your business. Yelp is just another popular network where you need to be monitoring your brand.

The above networks are available on mobile devices, and the communities of each are expected to grow immensely in 2013 and are all focuses on SoLoMo marketing. So whether you are looking to impress your clients with this awesome new phrase, or get asked about it, you can now crush it by explaining how a SoLoMo strategy is going to help increase traffic for a brand.