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The Benefits of Google Webmaster Tools

BY DIGITECH - May 23, 2011
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Google Webmaster Tools has been operational for several years now and over the course of the last few years the Google team has done an incredible job of updating the service and making improvements based upon feedback from website owners and developers. If you have a website and you are not currently using Google Webmaster Tools, well you should! In this post I am going to talk about the reasons why everyone should be using Google Webmaster Tools to maximize their website exposure.

This is the ultimate tool for website owners to manage all of the back-end website information and ensure proper indexing when Google crawls your website. It is very important to make sure there are no problems with your website so that when it is indexed by Google, it will receive the highest possible ranking and in turn bring more traffic to your website. It is also a great tool for reporting statistics and diagnostics pertaining to the managment of your site’s pages in Google’s index. If you want your website crawled correctly by Google, why go to a third party site when you can go directly to the source!

My favorite feature of Google Webmaster Tools is the ability to submit your websites sitemap directly to Google before they crawl it. I make a habit of submitting my sitemap through webmaster tools every time I make a change to my website, I am not sure if the site actually gets crawled faster by directly submitting your sitemap, but it is the best thing you can do to notify Google of a change to your website! Unfortunately Google’s algorithms that they use for website crawling and ranking are TOP Secret so no one knows exactly how they rank sites, but we have a general idea.

Three Important Benefits of Google Webmaster Tools

Google Provides Important Information About Your Websites Indexing

Once you set up and verify your webpage in Google Webmaster Tools, you are then able to access a wealth of information. Google provides you access to everything from the last time the Googlebot successfully crawled your homepage to any possible 404 Page Not Found errors.

Direct XML Sitemap Submission

Google Webmaster Tools allows you to directly submit an XML sitemap to help Google index ALL of your websites pages including ones that are deep inside your webpage or possibly new ones that are not indexed yet. Once you have submitted a new sitemap, you can view the status of the submission, see when it was last downloaded by Google and see how many URLs that are included in your sitemap. Remember that Google restricts the sitemap submission to a maximum of 50,000 URL’s per sitemap. If you have errors within your sitemap, you can click on the “details” link and then view a detailed report on any possible errors that were detected by Google.

Key Diagnostic Data About Your Website

Once you are logged into the Webmaster Tools control panel, you can click on the Diagnostics tab where you are presented with a quick snapshot of useful information about your site including Web Crawl data, Content Analysis which lets you know if you have duplicate title tags, meta descriptions or have pages that are missing titles, and Mobile Crawl Errors which allows you can see potential errors encountered by Google’s crawlers while accessing pages on your site created specifically for viewing on mobile phones.

So don’t wait any longer, get SEO Maximized!

Go on over to Google Webmaster Tools and get your site optimized!



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