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The Best Facebook Open Graph WordPress Plugin

Last Updated: 08/18/2023

I have tried almost all of the WordPress plugin‘s to integrate the Facebook Open Graph protocol, and all of the Meta tags that go along with it. There are several different plugins which claim to easily integrate the Open Graph protocol meta data into your website, but I have found most of them to be buggy, or simply non-working.

Lets cut to the chase, the point of this post is to take my experience and detailed testing of these WordPress plugin’s and tell you the best, most reliable, and easiest one to use. In my opinion as a web designer, the best WordPress Facebook Open Graph Protocol plugin on the market today is the AWD Facebook plugin which can be downloaded from the WordPress plugin directory.

This plugin is a robust, easy to use, and non-buggy platform in which to integrate not only your Facebook Open Graph meta data, but also provides easy to use widgets for Facebook like buttons, Facebook activity feed, Facebook like boxes for your fan pages, and even the capability to integrate the Facebook login button to pull a users Facebook data into your new user signup fields (Login using Facebook).

The AWD Facebook plugin is so robust that it even allows you to embed video and audio files into the Open Graph protocol meta data which then can be accessed by Facebook users and displayed in their feed through the proper use of Like Buttons!

In my next blog post I will go into detail on how to setup, configure and effectively use this plugin to maximize your Facebook and social media marketing campaigns.


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