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The Best WordPress Shopping Cart – Woo Themes E-Commerce Plugin WooCommerce

BY DIGITECH - October 24, 2011
Web Design

Welcome To WooCommerce!

If any of you have been frustrated with the lack of functional, free e-commerce plugin’s for WordPress you are not alone! Up until now there has not been a truly robust, free WordPress shopping cart plugin available for download. This all changed last month with leading Theme Developer, Woo Themes releasing their WooCommerce shopping cart plugin for WordPress for FREE! I know that Woo Themes had been developing this product for a while but I did not expect them to offer it for free, which I must say was a very pleasant surprise!

Woo Themes stated in their press release last month that WooCommerce is one of their largest releases yet and they are excited to offer it absolutely free. WooCommerce is a brand new plugin application and library of existing and new themes for WordPress that will help anyone turn their sites into professional, e-commerce solutions.

To see all of the features and download your copy of the plug-in, head over to the Woo Themes website for more!