Have you thought about creating an online store to sell or market your products and services? With the powerful advance in new open source shopping cart software these goals can now be easily achieved! I recently completed a very complex online store for a local Austin company called iVigil. They had over 120 CCTV surveillance camera products and accessories that they wanted to sell online through an e-store platform which they had not had previously. Using a very nice open source program called OpenCart I created them a very nice looking and effective online store. There is no easy way to create an online store, every product has to be imported or entered manually and the data has to be collected including size L x H x W, weight, price, model number, etc. This process can be quite tedious but once complete the rewards are very gratifying! Take a look at the work and contact digITech if you are wanting to expand your business into the online marketplace!

iVigil Corporation – http://ivigilcctv.net