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What Is Anchor Text?

BY DIGITECH - January 20, 2012
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What Is Anchor Text?

What Is Anchor Text | Austin SEO | Austin Web Design

What is anchor text is a valid question especially if you are new to SEO and all of the terminology that comes along with it. To put it simply anchor text is the text characters that your link is embedded in. In example, I am going to type the words Austin Web Design in regular text, now I am going to type the same text and embed a hyperlink to that text which is now my anchor text -> Austin Web Design <- Anchor text plays a huge part in SEO, and before you start and link building campaign you always want to make sure and choose the best anchor text keywords or "Search Phrases" as I like to call them to use for your Anchor Text when building backlinks. You can use the Google Keyword Tool to give you a rough idea of what keywords to target but it is always best to consult with an expert if you are new to search engine optimization. So, Long story short... This is Anchor Text! Austin Web Design | What Is Anchor Text | SEO Austin