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Gallus Detox by Digitech

Gallus Detox

Gallus offers a variety of inpatient medical detox treatments for those struggling with substance use disorder.

Digital Strategy
User Experience Design
Visual Design
Content Writing


Gallus provides superior inpatient detoxification treatment. They prioritize their patients’ comfort and safety to guide them through the detox process smoothly. Having a website that allows users to find what their searching for, and contact Gallus as quickly and easily as possible is essential to not only their business but their patients’ health. We were tasked initially with working on their SEO on their old site, but ended up needing to re-design their site to improve user experience, SEO, and conversions.

Gallus Detox Centers by Digitech
Gallus Detox OVERVIEW & OBJECTIVE by Digitech

The Solution

DIGITECH delivered a powerful website that was built from the ground up to dominate rankings on SEO. We worked with the Gallus team to discover their specific needs along with their patients. Our team strategized the strongest approach for keywords and content and went to the drawing board with the designs. The new site has improved their rankings, user response to the site and they now get more calls and traffic and ultimately more business.



Gallus Detox Mobile Version by Digitech

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