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Digitech's client: Grantworks


GrantWorks improves quality of life by delivering stronger, smarter, more resilient communities.

Digital Strategy
User Experience Design
Visual Design
Content Writing


Empowering communities through service is at the heart of what Grantworks does. Underserved populations deserve accessible, transformative programs that strengthen their infrastructure and position them to thrive. With that, it is important that their website site is representative of the professional services they are already to provide and their users can find the help they need easily and ultimately get in touch with their team.

Grantworks by Digitech

The Solution

We worked with Grantworks’ team to revamp their website and bring them up-to-speed with their visual communication online. Our team started by looking at their content strategy and worked to improve their messaging by re-writing their content site wide. Using their existing branding, we designed new visual elements in the site to help showcase their services, clients, testimonials and more. The new site now sets them apart as an innovative leader and information source for communities in need.



Digitech's clients: Grantworks

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