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Marlinz Pharma

Revolutionary nail & skin care that is science-backed and uses clinically proven formulations for better patient outcomes.

Digital Strategy
User Experience Design
Visual Design
Custom Ordering


Marlinz Pharma is dedicated to achieving the best possible outcomes for skin and nail conditions. They leverage cutting-edge research, collaborate with industry experts, and develop innovative in-house methodologies to ensure their product efficacy. Partnering with physicians, they delve into clinical studies, best practice development, and protocol optimization for their solutions.

However, their outdated website failed to reflect their commitment to quality and scientific advancement. The Marlinz team needed a modernized dashboard for physicians to manage materials and orders seamlessly. DIGITECH stepped in as the perfect partner, delivering a clinical and intuitive user experience that effectively showcases Marlinz Pharma’s brand image.

The Solution

DIGITECH was entrusted with redesigning Marlinz Pharma’s website, aiming for a modern and clinically aesthetic design with cutting-edge features, animations, and functionality. The Marlinz team sought a more efficient system for order processing and an enhanced user experience for their physicians. In collaboration, we acquired new product photography that showcased the quality of their solutions in a consistent and professional manner. DIGITECH delivered a website that not only digitally elevated the Marlinz brand but also yielded a simultaneous increase in product sales.




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