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Peak Performers- DIGITECH Web Design

Peak Performers

Recruiting & servicing the unique hiring needs of the public sector

Information Architecture
User Experience Design
Visual Design
Front End Development


Peak Performers provides a unique and valuable service to the public sector. They were long overdue for a website refresh in order to effectively communicate the who, what and why of their business. The primary goal was to lead users to apply for their desired job positions with simple an easy user experience.

Peak Performers - SEO for Staffing Agencies
Peak Performance - Digitech SEO Client

The Solution

DIGITECH designed a user-friendly website to provide customers their services including State of Texas agencies, higher education, transportation, municipalities, and other local government organizations. We worked with the Peak team to create an engaging layout and style where users can easily learn more about the brand and reach the target audience as efficiently as possible.



SEO For Recruiters and Human Resources - Peak Performance

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