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Teifke Real Estate by Digitech

Teifke Real Estate

Win the game of real estate whether you are a real estate agent, seller, or investor.

Digital Strategy
User Experience Design
Visual Design
Exclusive SEO
kvCore Integration


TRE is a team of highly experienced real estate professionals who specialize in helping real estate agents, sellers, and investors navigate the multiple worlds of real estate successfully. DIGITECH came on-board for the project to elevate their website presence visually and their rankings on SEO in a major way.

Teifke Real Estate - Austin SEO Agency
Teifke Real Estate - SEO for Real Estate Agencies

The Solution

The design of TRE’s new site is now setting them apart from the competition and provides a user experience that converts on practically every page. DIGITECH worked alongside the client and the kvCore team to integrate some key features for property and value searching. Addtionally, DIGITECH wrote all new content for the entire site completely optimized for SEO with an advanced keyword strategy. Whether the viewer is a buyer, seller or investor, they will certainly find what they are looking for and contact TRE.



Digitech's Client: Teifke Real Estate

Teifke Real Estate - SEO For Realtors

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