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Vanbarton Group - DIGITECH Web Design

Vanbarton Group

Vanbarton Group is a privately owned, vertically integrated commercial real estate investment and advisory firm.

Digital Strategy
User Experience Design
Visual Design


Vanbarton Group, known for its innovative commercial real estate strategies tailored for sophisticated investors, boasts a 30+ year track record of success throughout various market cycles across the U.S. However, their online presence wasn’t reflecting their established expertise. Their website felt outdated and lacked cohesion, failing to effectively showcase their impressive portfolio of work and extensive service offerings.

Digitech's client: Vanbarton Group
Vanbarton Group's website by Digitech

The Solution

DIGITECH partnered with Vanbarton Group to revamp their website, aiming to achieve three key goals: a robust information architecture, seamless scalability for future case studies, and user-friendly management for their team.

Through close collaboration, we developed a comprehensive site structure that organizes information intuitively for easy navigation. Anticipating future growth, the architecture was designed to effortlessly accommodate additional case studies as Vanbarton’s portfolio expands.

Furthermore, we prioritized user-friendliness for Vanbarton’s team by implementing a straightforward content management system. This empowers them to make updates and additions with ease, ensuring the website remains current and engaging.

To visually elevate Vanbarton’s brand identity and communicate their professionalism, we collaborated on obtaining stunning new photography showcasing their impressive commercial real estate projects.

The result? A dynamic website that reflects Vanbarton’s expertise, fosters user engagement, and positions them as a leader in the commercial real estate market.



Vanbarton's website on mobile by Digitech

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