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Bespoke Software Development: What Is It, and What It’s Used For

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Bespoke Software Development: What Is It, and What It’s Used For


Definition of Bespoke

The term bespoke evokes the idea of anything that is fully customized and tailored to accommodate unique needs. This is the opposite of standardized, stereotypical products and services that are ready-made or mass-produced.

What Is Bespoke Software?

Bespoke software solutions are custom-designed tools designed to meet your specifications. Whether your usage is unique, desired functions are unusual, or you simply have a greater vision than what off-the-shelf software options allow, custom software development will meet every requirement.

Implementing and testing ill-fitting solutions takes time and resources – which translates to money. But a bespoke creation requires none of that. One well-crafted, multifaceted bespoke design can solve every bottleneck, from enhancing workflows and communications to implementing automated project management tools and time-based invoicing.

The Difference Between Bespoke Vs. Off-The-Shelf Software (OTS):

Standardized or off-the-shelf software solutions are ready-made tools you can plug into your business and begin using, usually right away. These options provide generalized features for generalized functions across one or multiple industries. Bespoke solutions offer fully customizable functionality molded to the needs of your business.

Off-The-Shelf Software Examples

Here are a few ready-made software applications you may be familiar with:

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

A CRM is an integrated software application that helps your team manage, track, and organize customer-related communications and information.

  • Salesforce
  • Keap
  • Pipedrive
  • Hubspot
  • Zoho

Project Management and SAAS (Software As A Service)

PM tools help your team manage, track, and organize tasks, projects, deadlines, and assets.

  • Monday.com
  • Zendesk
  • Asana
  • Trello
  • Basecamp
  • ClickUp

Billing, Invoicing, and Payment Processing Software

These tools help you and your team keep track of everything related to orders, payments, invoicing, and finances.

  • QuickBooks
  • Wave
  • FreshBooks
  • Zoho
  • Stripe
  • Square

Unfortunately, none of these tools do absolutely everything, let alone the unique features you need to help your business truly run at its best.

The Difference Between Bespoke Vs. White-Labeled Software

A white-labeled software is an off-the-shelf software that has been stripped of identifying branding so yours can be plugged in. This gives the illusion of customization without actually making any changes to the software itself. The OTS software still only has the features it was built to have, but it looks like a native element of your business.

Bespoke Software Development: What Is It, and What It’s Used For

Benefits Of Bespoke Software Development

Fully Customized Features

Bespoke software options allow you to bypass annoying paywalls and software limitations. With full control over your tools, you can create the exact solution to meet your unique needs.

Do you want interactive media solutions? Are you reinventing your website and need something on the backend to match? Whatever you need, a custom solution will be offered.

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Positioned For Growth and Scalability

Adaptability is one of the strongest benefits of bespoke software applications. As you grow and scale your operation, your software can grow with you. This isn’t only the solution for where you are now; it is also the solution for where you’re going.

Strong ROI

No more annoying monthly payments for tools that don’t fit. Just one solution meets exactly what you need with a single investment. But working with a bespoke software development company also preserves time and manpower, reclaiming even more financial gains.

Highest-Possible Efficiency

Your custom software only performs the functions you need it to do in exactly the way you want. No need to develop “workarounds” or spend days in Zapier, connecting multiple tools together when your internal software does it all.

Exclusive Competitive Advantage

Bespoke software is completely custom. None of your competitors will have the same software or the same competitive edge it gives you. You can offer more functionality, better features, and a better experience with software no one else has.

Not Reliant On Third-Party Software

They could pull the plug on your account tomorrow, and then where would you be? A custom-built bespoke software solution is designed only for you and is yours to keep.

Enhanced Customer Experience

No one knows your ideal customer better than you. What features do they want to see? How would they like to interact with your software? That’s what we need to build to ensure a positive user experience.

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Disadvantages Of Bespoke Software Development

Longer Timeline

To create something that holistically fits your business and is completely new, it will take significantly longer than adding something pre-built to your online shopping cart. The development timeline varies but could take up to a few months.

Up-Front Costs

The bulk of the consulting, design, and development fees will be paid up-front or in pre-arranged installments, often based on project benchmark deliveries. However, the total cost of bespoke software ownership is historically much less.

Getting Stakeholder Buy-In

If you’re facing real, day-to-day operational or functional challenges, it may be difficult to get buy-in on a longer timeline to a holistic solution.

Here’s How To Know If You Need Bespoke Software Development

The scope and process of creating your own software isn’t for everyone, and not every business is ready. Here is how to know when you need a custom-designed software solution.

Highly Competitive Market

If your brand is one of many offering similar services, you need a non-replicable solution to help you rise above the competition. Whether that’s offering unique features or creating a stronger user experience, bespoke software could be the leverage you need.

Cyber Security Concerns

If you’re in the healthcare, manufacturing, government service, finance, or small business industries, you’re most vulnerable to cyber-attacks. By creating a custom solution, it’s far more difficult for hackers to gain unauthorized access than it is to break into a known-quantity software that can be studied and reverse-engineered.

You Want The Right Solution ONCE

Start, stop, learn, test, take down, and repeat – this is a common picture of the discovery phase of finding a software solution with only pre-existing options. Avoid the tedious and time-consuming cycle by implementing your own custom-designed tool.

Third-Party Software Is Too Limiting

If you’re using two or three software tools duct-taped or “Zapped” together just to get through your daily operations, this is a sign that a custom option is the next logical evolution for your business. One software solution that does everything you need without paying for third-party software.

You’re Vision Is Bigger Than SAAS Options

Just like you don’t own your social media profile, you don’t own that third-party software. An off-the-shelf option may work for where you’re at now, but will it support where you’re going next? You can only use it how they say you can use it when they say you can use it, and sometimes only if you pay extra.

What Does The Bespoke Development Process Look Like?

Whether you know exactly what you want or only know what problems you need to solve, our bespoke software development services will walk you through every step of the process. The first step is an initial consultation to better understand your business needs, business processes, and current off-the-shelf solutions.

Based on your business requirements, our development team will create custom software solutions to accommodate your vision – everything from basic functions to complex automation and everything in between. Once the initial version is ready, we’ll implement and test it to ensure everything hums along as expected.

We Stand by our work. If, at any point in the software development process, you’re unsatisfied with the results, we’ll get back to the drawing board until it’s exactly what you need.

Is bespoke software a passing trend?

Far from it. Bespoke application development is a growing sector in the web development and app development space. From mobile apps and e-commerce shops to internal operations, many business owners and entrepreneurs crave custom solutions when OTS options fail to deliver.

How long does the bespoke software development process take?

On average, most bespoke projects can be completed anywhere from three to ten months, depending on the scope and complexity of your project.

What is the cost of working with a bespoke software development company on a custom project?

A custom solution is not a low-budget solution, but it is the only one you need. Costs vary significantly depending on the scope and complexity of your needs, required features, etc. To get a custom quote, schedule a call with the Digitech Development Team to discuss your project and how we can bring it to life.


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