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Web Design for Construction

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Web Design for Construction: Building Your Business Foundation


If you’re in the construction business, it’s just as important to have an online presence as a physical one. With most potential clients looking online for goods and services – including construction and contractors – having a website ensures you won’t lose your opportunity to a competitor.

Think of your website as an online base to showcase your work, attract new clients, and connect with prospective partners. Visitors can see what services you offer, browse your completed projects, and request a consultation on one platform – driving leads to your business day in and day out.

What Is Construction Company Web Design?

No matter the business or industry, online presence is a key factor in success. Most people visit a website and check out a brand online before they ever visit a physical location or make a phone call. If you’re not online, they’ll go to your competitors.

Construction company website design is an essential part of that online presence. It serves as a base to direct your prospective clients from your ads, social media pages, online directories, and content. It also creates a platform for inquiries, complaints, feedback, and to share news and updates.

Benefits of Construction Website Design

With commercial construction, general contracting, custom building, and remodeling, there’s a lot of competition in the construction industry. Without an appealing website, you could get lost in the noise. Here are some other benefits to construction website design:

Brand Trust

The first impression matters, especially with the parallels between your site’s professionalism and your work. The website serves as a guide to your brand, services, and performance, as well as a point of contact for your prospective clients. It needs to be polished, simple, and professional, yet visually appealing enough to capture and hold visitors’ attention.


If a prospective client is reviewing multiple sites for contractors, what makes you stand out? Why should they stay on your site and take a deeper look?
Differentiation is exactly that – what makes you special. It’s all in the way you present yourself, and since that’s not in person, you can do it with a website that reflects your brand and showcases why people love working with you.


Your website is a comprehensive showcase for your unique offerings, professional reputation, and industry capabilities. You can highlight your team and their experience or qualifications, past projects you’ve worked on, the projects and clients you prefer, and the value-added services you offer that make you an industry leader.

Social Proof

Most people rely on reviews before making a buying decision, and the same goes for construction projects. They can find reviews on familiar sites like Angi, Yelp, and Google, but you can consolidate all those positive reviews, testimonials, and rewards in one place to build credibility at a glance.


Features of the Best Construction Website Design

Your construction website needs to check a lot of boxes, including positive user experience, visual appeal, and optimal performance. Here are the features of the best construction website design.

Intuitive Design

It’s easy to go overboard with your website design, but a clean, uncluttered layout wins every time. Visitors can navigate your site more easily and find the information they need in a clear, intuitive way, reducing frustration that often leads people to click away. A lot of design elements go into intuitive design, including proper contrast, simple color schemes, legible fonts, interactive features, and the right use of bold elements.

Positive User Experience

User experience (UX) is an important part of creating a site that people want to scroll and click. What makes that experience positive? Your site should be original and useful, easy to find and navigate, credible, and accessible. These user-friendly elements are the foundation to build the more striking and impactful brand elements, such as your imagery and typography.


Mobile devices make up the majority of web traffic, even for general contractors. Your website needs to be optimized for a seamless, consistent appearance and functionality from desktop to tablets to smartphones. Responsive design ensures that your site automatically adapts to whatever device the visitor prefers, giving them an efficient experience that meets their needs.

Call-to-Action (CTA) Phrases

A strong CTA is what delivers results on your website. Whether you want a visitor to subscribe to a newsletter, complete a contact form, download a resource, or schedule a consultation, a clear, compelling CTA is what gets them to take that step. You should have CTAs on relevant pages to avoid confusion and let the visitor know exactly what action you want them to take.

Engaging Content

Marketing content, including blog posts, FAQ pages, case studies, industry news, downloadable project guides, and how-to videos are key to build trust and convince a prospective client that you are the best choice for their construction project. You can use quality content to share information, share your opinion and advice, relieve concerns and pain points, and establish yourself as an authority.

How Do I Create a Construction Website?

There are plenty of resources to build a website on your own. Platforms like WordPress offer tools and templates to help you design and build your own website. These features may be limited, however, so you may have to compromise. It’s also a lot of work and experimentation to get a high-performing website.

What Should a Construction Website Include?

Your construction services website should be tailored to your brand and what you want to convey, but some elements are a must. A homepage, high-quality images, visually appealing project pictures, a company description and brand story, testimonials, a list of services, a contact form, and social media pages are crucial for an effective construction website.

How Much Does It Cost to Create a Construction Website?

The cost for your building company website can vary according to the features and functionality you want. Though working with a professional web design agency can cost more initially, these experts know how to focus on the most important website features to make the most of your budget.

Can I Create a Construction Website Myself for Free?

You can create free websites on some platforms – you could even do it yourself. But your website is an investment in your brand like anything else. It doesn’t have to cost a small fortune, but you do get what you pay for.

Should I Work with a Professional Web Design Agency?

If you want to build a construction company website that presents you as a professional leader in your industry, a professional web design agency is the way to go. You’re an expert in your field and offer better results than DIY methods – and the same goes for working with web design experts.


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